Apr 28, 2013

1850p: Orks vs Daemons

So, I have a game planned against Orks! Nice to see them greenies on the field again. I also realised I could make a mono-Khorne army. Then you combine that with the fluff about ever-resurrecting Orks from the Daemons and Orks codices and... profit?

So, this list has a lot of upgrades that I don't necessarily think always is a good idea. But I wanted to reach that 1850 mark. But I don't think it's too bad. One thing I'm not very sure about is the amount of Heralds though... that'll possibly hurt me a bit. But you gotta do what you gotta do when you have limited models!

First off, which feels obvious in a Khorne army... a Bloodthirster! Kitting him out with a Exalted Reward (to replace with a Portalglyph unless he rolls Riftbringer), and one Greater Reward. This other Greater Reward I will most likely replace with a Blade of Blood, for an additional 2-4 (+1A for two Specialist Weapons, and Rampage) attacks every round... very much appreciated when playing against Orks! I only got a chance to play the Bloodthirster once in the old codex, but I expect this guy to kill some stuff. To not have him feel lonely I did add a Daemon Prince of Khorne for Heavy Support as well. Same loadout on gifts, again hoping for Riftbringer, but this time might keep the Greater Reward for extra survivability (otherwise the +1S for a Greater Etherblade isn't too bad, unless I want Rampage on this guy as well).

The other HQ-slot is filled with Heralds. Two on Juggers, and two on foot. The two on foot are basically there to grant extra survivability to the Bloodletter units with some Greater Rewards. One of the juggers runs an Exalted Reward for the Grimoire, and also the Loci that grants Hatred - he will run with the Hounds. The other one has a Greater Reward for extra protection and the Loci for Rage - he will join the Bloodcrushers. I figure they need more attacks rather than re-rolls so...

And that basically tells you the rest of my list. Two squads of Bloodletters, one small squad of Bloodcrushers and a huge squad of Flesh Hounds. Needless to say, I don't really plan to play Objectives here. Portalglyph and Riftbringer are just my backup, the rest will need to get in the fight as soon as possible. Orks are hopefully happy to oblige.

I did take the Banner of Blood on the Bloodcrushers, because I figure that I will at least give them the best chance I can. I don't have high hopes for this unit, especially not against Orks. But we shall see.

So, the upgrades I mentioned is basically Icons and Instruments... most of them doesn't really make sense in this army. I don't really plan to Deep Strike anything (possibly the Bloodletters, depending on Deployment and Mission). It doesn't hurt with extra combat resolution and some re-rolls for the Warp Storm though. And then I got as many characters as possible. Those 5 points extra is totally worth it to help protect against the silly Warp storm (last game I rolled the one to lose a character twice in a row!). And well, these characters also have Greater Rewards again to help protect the unit. A bit wasteful, and I'd rather have some more models, but I don't think it'll hurt too much.

So lets see how this works out!


Bloodthirster - Exalted Reward, Greater Reward
Herald of Khorne - Juggernaut, Exalted Reward, Exalted Locus
Herald of Khorne - Juggernaut, Greater Reward, Greater Locus
Herald of Khorne - Greater Reward
Herald of Khorne - Greater Reward

10 Blodletters - Bloodreaper, Greater Reward, Icon, Instrument
10 Blodletters - Bloodreaper, Greater Reward, Icon, Instrument

4 Bloodcrushers - Bloodhunter, Greater Reward, Banner of Blood

Fast Attack
20 Flesh Hounds

Heavy Support
Daemon Prince of Khorne - Daemonic Flight, Armour, Exalted Reward, Greater Reward

Warboss - Warbike, Attack Squig, Bosspole, Cybork Body, Power Klaw
Big Mek - Shock Attack Gun, 'Eavy Armour, Cybork Body

30 Shoota Boys - 3 Big Shootas, Nob, Bosspole, Power Klaw
30 Shoota Boys - 3 Big Shootas, Nob, Bosspole, Power Klaw
30 Shoota Boys - 3 Big Shootas, Nob, Bosspole, Power Klaw 

12 Lootas

Fast Attack
Dakkajet - Additional TL Supashoota, Fighta Ace, Red Paint Job
3 Deffkoptas - 3 Rokkits, 1 Bigbomm
9 Warbikers - Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole

Heavy Support
3 Killa Kans - Grot Riggers, Grotzooka


Rolled for mission and got Purge the Alien with Vanguard Strike deployment. I won to chose sides as well as to go first (which I chose to do). No Night Fighting and no steal initiative. He rolled Counter-Attack for his Warlord when in his own Deployment zone (ie, worthless on a Warbikersquad...).
So, lots of rewards to roll. My Bloodthirster got a second roll on Exalted plus a Lesser and picked up Riftbringer and a Etherblade (since it's a Specialist Weapon that's a +1A), and for Greater reward got Feel no Pain (4+). His Warlord trait was also to grant him Instant Death. My Jugger-Herald got Unbreakable Hide (3+ armour), and my two footsloggers got Feel no Pain and an Greater Etherblade. The champions got Greater Etherblade, re-roll invulsaves and Feel no Pain (crushers). The Daemon Prince rolled Wind of Chaos for Exalted... I decided to keep it due to facing Orks, and also the Portalglyph didn't seem too helpful in a KillPoint game... the Greater Reward was to re-roll invulsaves. 

Due to Purge the Alien I left both Bloodletter squads in reserve. So after deployment I won to re-deploy scouts first, and the Flesh Hounds scouted forward, and after that his Deffkoptas jumped over the Warbikers.

So close all ready?!

Turn 1 - Daemons

I basically ran everything forward. Used the Grimoire on the Flesh Hounds.
Then in the Warp Storm phase Slaanesh showed his face... and took three HP's off the Killa Kans (wrecking one!)! He also hurt two Lootas, but both made their t-shirt saves.
My Daemon Prince landed on top of the mountain, decided to try his new power out and managed to kill two Boys.

Turn 1 - Orks

The Warbikers and Deffkoptas were speeding up along the board edge, trying to round the hill on that side and come up behind me. One squad of Boys moved up to the Flesh Hounds, deciding it's better to charge than to be charged.
The other two squads plus the Lootas shot at my Daemon Prince. In total 6 shots wounded... and I failed 4 saves. Bah. First Blood to the Orks!
The Boys charged in at the Flesh Hounds, but due to initiative they lost 9 before they got to strike... and in return they made three wounds. Still Fearless though, so no problem.

Turn 2 - Daemons

Both my Bloodletter squads decided to stay in reserve, failing to come in. The next fail was the Grimoire which then reduced the Flesh Hounds save by one. Yay.
The Warp Storm decided to be kind to me however and granted me a free squad of troops. Due to limited models, and Slaanesh showed his face last turn I spawned 9 Daemonettes that ran to spread out a bit. The Bloodthirster whipped one Boy to death. Nothing else to shoot...
In the assault phase the Bloodthirster charged in against 29 boys, feeling ballsy. He took two wounds on overwatch which I of course failed to save despite 4+ Feel no Pain on top of 3+ armour. In return he killed 6 Boys however, which was enough for the Warp to open up and spit out five Horrors. So instead of my reserves I got two other squads... strange.
The Bloodcrushers turned around and charged the Deffkoptas, slaughtering them before they had a chance to react. Except for one that was insta-killed on Overwatch. The Hounds lost only two of their numbers despite 6+ save and killed 8 boys in return.

Turn 2 - Orks

No Dakkajet arrived. The bikers continued to speed around the board to get around me. The Orks shooting was abysmal. All those dice and not a single wound caused.
In the assault the Bloodthirster whiffed a bit, and again I failed my saves leaving the Bloodthirster with only one wound... I rolled 3 on Daemonic Instability though so no problem (a 2 would have been nice though!). The Hounds finished off the last Boys in their squad and overran leaving them free for my turn.

Turn 3 - Daemons

Bloodletters kept staying out. Grimoire failed once again... and to make matters worse in the Warp Storm phase I got -1 invulsaves. I start to understand why people want Fateweaver in lists like this... Horrors got up on a hill, but failed to wound anything.
The Daemonettes failed their charge against the squad tied up with the Bloodthirster, but he started challenging (I finally remembered that was a good idea) the nob and did fine by himself. The Bloodcrushers charged the Warbikers, their Nob refused my challenge and in return I killed 7 bikers. The Warboss completely failed his attacks and was overrun.
The Flesh Hounds charged the last unengaged squad of Boys, taking 8 wounds on overwatch(!) but thanks to Hatred they killed 15 boys and won that combat big. Still Fearless though.

Turn 3 - Orks

Dakkajet comes in. Waaagh is called and 4 wounds get pass my Heralds armour, two of which are passed off to another crusher. The Shock Attack Gun overkills one Horror. Another falls to Lootas.
Hounds win their combat again, quite convincingly. The Bloodthirster whiffs his attacks again but this time actually manages to save his take wounds (the Nob refused Challenge again).

Turn 4 - Daemons

Bloodletters finally show up automatically. So I sit them down in front of the Lootas, the only Orks except the Kans not in combat. Grimoire failed again.
Horrors go and hide behind the hill to not give up a kill point. Daemonettes moves closer to help the Bloodthirster for real this time.
Warp Storm and Khorne comes up. At this time I have two Khorne instruments on the board, so two re-rolls! The only un-engaged units are the Lootas and the Kans though (the Dakkajet can't be hit by Blasts), but despite my re-rolls nothing was hit.
Daemonettes + Bloodthirster finish off their squad (sadly not spawning more Daemons), and the Flesh Hounds finish of theirs (only the Nob survived to the end, but was run down by the Sweeping Advance).

Turn 4 - Orks

Dakkajet turns around, tries to shoot at the Bloodthirster but I make my saves. The Shock Attack Gun scatters off again, but the Killa Kans (that have basically spent the whole game running back and forward to try and get something in range) and Lootas kills half of the front squad of Bloodletters (including the Herald). But it's too little, too late and the Orks give up.

Counting it, the score was Daemons 9 (7 Kill Points, Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker) - 3 (2 killpoints, First Blood) Orks.

Lessons Learnt

So... that was a big comeback. In the end of turn 2/beginning of turn 3 I felt like I had lost. But the Orks completely failed their shooting while my units in assaults did exactly what they needed to. They seem to simply hit just hard enough to stay in combat for the next round or two and then due to the incredible speed of the entire list find a new target in my own turn.
Flesh Hounds chewed through 60 boys by themselves (all though they wouldn't have made it without the Herald, he was a champ at tipping the scales). And this despite the Grimoire failing 3 out of 4 turns! This unit is really scary, and hard to get rid off. The size meant everything here, as they took quite a beating but still had enough hounds to pile in and cause the damage.
I also learned that the Bloodthirster is still super-strong. He actually can stand up to 30 Boys himself. But I don't recommend it, because it takes a bit too long for what you actually kill... I probably miss-matched him a bit. Perhaps I should've gone for the Kans, and then Lootas. But ahwell, he did counter deploy against me so...
The Daemon Prince... don't leave him in the open. Despite flying. That was really silly of me. I don't really know why I put in up there like some king of the hill. Really bad idea.
And then in terms of scoring... I feel like with a fast list like this that hits hard you probably don't need more than two Troops. At least not if you have some additional means of creating Troops. Because the Orks never really had a good chance to focus on my Troops even had he wanted to... but that'll take some more testing to decide.
Overall this list felt very powerful, managing a comeback like that. Admittedly against Orks who really, really needs a new codex. But still. Will be a lot of fun to try this list out some more!

Apr 11, 2013

1500p: Blood Angels vs Eldar Corsairs (with a twist)

So, in WD400 they talked about games with Game Masters. I've always wanted to play in a game like that, but as they say the best way to get something done is to do it yourself. So I took the scenario from the battle report in WD400, changed it a bit to be more doable for both sides and asked some friends if they wanted to play. And here we are.

The scenario is this:
We have an Imperial Bunker where I (GM) will place three Objectives. These Objectives can only be captured by the Defender, but can be contested by the Attacker. They are worth 1VP each. In the middle of the board there is an artefact, with rules like a Relic from that scenario. This can be captured by the Defender and is worth 3VP. This Artefact is however guarded by a squad of Thousand Sons with a Sorcerer controlled by me (GM), who will try to escape with it on the opposite board edge and fight anything in their way (taking their turn after the two players).
The Attacker on the other hand is doing Killpoints. Pure and simple. However, the Thousand Sons doesn't give away any Killpoint. Both sides also have Slay the Warlord for an extra VP.
I reckon this is roughly balanced for 1500p armies.

And for players we have the defending Blood Angels and the attacking Corsairs! But why would they fight here and now? Simple, the Chaos Sorcerer broke into the Imperial Bunker by night and stole the portable Library containing many of the secrets of the Blood Angels. Secret rites, not often talked about and when they are in whispers. However he was discovered just before dawn, and the Blood Angels mount a force to reclaim their portable library. Meanwhile the Eldar Corsair notice the commotion on their scans, and takes this opportunity to attack the Imperial Bunker in a quick raid to grab whatever goods or values they can, or even capture some slaves to sell to the Dark Eldar.

And well, with all that backstory in place, and me not playing... we'll see if I can't just write this report up in story mode...

Lists (approx.)

Blood Angels
Librarian - Terminator Armour, Storm Bolter

10 Tactical Marines - Missile-Launcher, Meltagun
8 Assault Marines - Plasma Pistol

5 Assault Terminators
5 Terminators
Dreadnought - Missile Launcher, Assault Cannon

Fast Attack
Baal Predator - Flamestorm Cannon

Heavy Support
10 Devastators - 2 Plasma Cannons, 1 Lascannon, 1 Missile Launcher, 2 Heavy Bolters

Eldar Corsairs

10 Corsairs - 2 Missile Launchers, 2 Flamers, Jetpacks
10 Corsairs - 2 Missile Launchers, 2 Flamers, Jetpacks

8 Harlequinns

Fast Attack

Heavy Support
Warp Hunter
3 Warwalkers - Missile Launchers
3 Warwalkers - Missile Launchers



D'raeldn couldn't quite believe it. He had almost done it. So close!

'Move move move you worthless noisy chunks of metal!' he screamed over the warning sirens to his Rubricae, knowing that they were all ready commanded to move as quickly as they possibly could.

The encryption of the mobile library was much too complex for him to break through on the move. He would need a quite strong ritual to defeat the guarding spirit and get access to it's contents. He wasn't quite sure it would contain the data he was looking for... but he was quite certain he would find some clues on how to reach the Webway on this world. He just WOULD get into the Webway by any means necessary... 

Wait, what was that? His psychic senses detected something... Eldar? No, surely it was just his thoughts about the Webway that confused his senses? Then he saw familiar shapes in the pre-dawn darkness. No, there were really Eldar here. Surrounded... where did they come from?!


'Prepare to teleport in front of those heretics Brothers, we shall pursue from behind so that we may catch them between us. Our sacred texts must be recovered at all costs.' Brother Librarian Michelangelo voxxed to the other Terminators at the teleportation bay.

He saw those dark shapes, barely visible in the pre-dawn gloom. 'Brother Bael, can you catch them?'

Getting hot...
'Affirmative Brother Librarian, I will toast them and you're invited to the party!' the reply came as the screeching sound of the Baal Predators engines started sounding in the dark, and suddenly the darkness was lit up by the flames. Several of the traitor Marines simply melted away.

One of those days... first roll is a yatzy!
'Target acquired and well lit, fire!' the voxx came from Brother Didier leading the Devastators. After the barrage only a few of the Traitor Marines were left standing. This would be an easy recovery after all, how could those heretics have thought to succeed with so few?

Left after turn 1.

Librarian chasing the Chaos Sorcerer.


'The Mon-keighs are moving out of the bunker, Prince. Have they detected us?'

'I'm not sure, they seem to be fighting amongst themselves. But bring that Tank down anyway, it's dangerously close!' 

The Corsair Prince was not pleased. This was supposed to be a surprise raid to stop the guard patrols of the supply convoys sent in this system. How had those inferior creatures detected his approach so soon? Lost in these thoughts he heard the whistling sound of missiles fired from the War-walkers... and watched the smoky arc with his keen eyes... and winced in dismay as the missiles simply bounced off the blasted tank. In the distance he could see the bunker lit up by Warp energy unleashed by the Warp Hunter, hopefully that was more successful than the missiles had been. Meanwhile he ordered the advance, staying hidden in these ruins.


D'raeldn's Rubricae was falling all around him, only three of the automations was still with him. Blasted Blood Angels. He was trapped between the newly arrived Eldar, but thankfully they seem to ignore him at least. He moved as fast as he could towards those ruins...


'Brother Librarian Michelangelo, the teleportation device is struggling we suspect interference by those heretics while they were inside the bunker. We will be delayed' Veteran Terminator Sergeant Pardos crackling voice came from the voxx caster. Brother Michelangelo was not worried however, he had seen the Chaos Marines futile attempt to harm the mighty Baal Predator... all though those missiles had come from a strange direction... best order the Assault Marines up to retrieve the Mobile Library as soon as possible. He started to get a bad feeling...


D'raeldn watched the last of the Rubricae go down around him. Not good, not good at all... then suddenly those Eldar in front of him let loose their full arsenal in the dawning light... and the Tank behind him went up in flames! Ah, maybe a chance after all! He saw more of those missiles coming in, the Dreadnought went up in a large explosion as well, the flames spreading well over the bunker. Even those hulking Terminators went out by a Warp-blast. D'raeldn felt the psychic presence of the hated Librarian go out. Suddenly it looked as if his pursuers were not so numerous after all... 

He noticed some Eldar in front of him, the only thing between him and freedom. He quickly channelled his focus into hot searing flames, watching those hated Eldar melt before him with glee. He readied himself to charge in and finish the last ones off... but first he had to check to the Library... yes it was still intact. 

When he turned around to start his charge he was suddenly hit square in the chest by a missile and all went black.


'Command, Brother Librarian Michelangelo has gone down, I take command of this situation. We've just landed inside the ruins. There are Xenos here! Seems those heretics weren't so few after all. Take defensive positions now!' Brother Pardo voxxed on all channels.

Behind him the Assault Marines landed on top of the Sacred Library, and he saw them let loose their Bolt Pistols at nearby Eldar forces, but restraining themselves from charging in. Good he thought, that Library is more important than some filthy Xenos.

He watched the movements of the Xenos in front of him while receiving acknowledgements from the forces around the bunker as the repositioned to face the new threat. So few of them all ready? No matter, faith in the Emperor would see them through this day.


'Interceptor to Prince, a lone transport vehicle is sighted. I'll take care of it.'

The pilot watched as all his missiles and lance bursts shot out around the lone Rhino. Not a single hit.

'Erm, Prince... Target still stands.'


The Prince himself was much too bust ordering his Corsairs to let loose on the Terminators that had arrived in front of him. A barrage of Shuriken, Plasma missiles and flamers were let loose. He was pleased to see that not a single Mon-keigh was left standing. Surprisingly easy.

He spotted the Jump Marines in the distance and quickly ordered the Warp Hunter to lock on them. The ensuing Warp blast killed most of them, and he was further pleased to note that the last survivor holding some strange artefact was blasted to pieces by missiles without his direct command. Ah, the day was won! 

'They are completely decimated now, we retreat from this field and turn towards the supply convoy instead... this will be a great raid indeed...'


D'raeldn woke up by the shaking ground and as he opened his eyes he saw a large explosion right next to him... he just glimpsed the Portable Library before it was engulfed in the flames...

Blasted Eldar. They had catched on to his plans it seemed. But he would have his revange...



So... it was just one of those days it seemed. The Blood Angels rolled extremely poorly. I think he failed about 50% of his 2+ armour saves... and the fact that the Terminators didn't show up in turn 2 was just adding more bad. Then you combine that with the fact that the Corsairs rolled 'Explodes' for every single penetrating hit they got, and hitting well above average... it turned out very one-sided unfortunately. I mean, when the Dread exploded it took FOUR Devastators with it...
The other part that didn't help was my set up of the board, when I imagined the scenario I thought of the attacked as a close range army, like in the WD-battle report. Instead Corsairs are very much ranged, and I definitely should have thought of this and set the board in a different way. The Bunker should've been in one of the middle sections, that way the Blood Angels would've at least had the chance to have some guns in range... As it were they were completely outranged, and the Devastators only got to shoot once at the Thousand Sons... 
So as a first time GM I learned that I should focus on balance more first, and less on the fun stuff... as it turned out most of my fun stuff never even happened anyway... ah well, until next time! 

Apr 2, 2013

6-player Tournament round up

So, today we played a small friendly tournament with six players. Due to time constraints we only managed to play two games each (except two players who had to leave early).
So we had my Chaos Space Marines (using this list), Blood Angels, Orks, Dark Eldar, Imperial Guard and Space Wolves with Eldar Corsair allies.

So on to the games. We rolled one mission for all games to play and randomized the players. My first opponent was Imperial Guard, and it was his first game of sixth edition. The other games were Blood Angels vs Dark Eldar, and Orks vs Space Wolves. We got Emperor Will for mission.

Game 1 - Vs Imperial Guard

His list consisted of mostly infantry squads, one Chimera, two mixed Heavy Weapon teams, one Leman Russ Executioner, one Basilisk, a Armoured Sentinel, a squad of ten Psykers and a Valkyre.
We played Vanguard Strike deployment, he got re-rolls for Reserves I got re-rolls for Chaos Boons, he won to chose sides I won to deploy first, but he stole initiative. There was Night Fighting turn 1. I basically deployed my Rhinos and Bikes on one flank and the Marines and one squad of Obliterators in the middle, leaving one squad of Obliterators and the Cultists in Reserve.
So, he stole initiative, but thanks to Night Fighting he only managed to shoot the Executioner, which was barely in range... and of course he hit my Rhino with the Warlord and exploded it. I also failed four armour saves for the Marines in it... Well, great start. One shot, one kill.
In my turn 1 the remaining Rhinos drove forwards as fast as possible, and the Havocs killed enough Guardsmen to make a unit flee of the board. The Obliterators failed to hurt the Executioner. Turn two saw the Valkyre arrive, and with some scattered fire he manged to shake one of the Rhinos and kill one Biker, and return I exploded the Chimera with the Bikers (killing 7 of the Veterans inside), shot off half of his Platoon Command holding his objective with Havocs, explode his Executioner with the Obliterators and kill some more Guardsmen. Oh, and all three of my reserves failed to arrive.
Turn three saw him kill a couple of Marines with the Basilisk and a few more with his Psyker (using their S10 Large Blast...), kill one Havoc with the Valkyre and put some Hull Points on both Rhinos (but both still functional). Both my Chaos Marines squads shot at the Valkyre, managing to Velocity lock it and force snap shots only... My Obliterators arrived, and jumped in front of the Basilisk putting two pens on it, and forcing it to not be able to shoot the next turn. My Chosen blew away the Sentinel and my Rhino with the Plaguemarines Tank Shocked a unit of guardsmen getting to his Objective, while the other Obliterators cleaned out the Platoon Command on it. The Havocs killed some more Guardsmen. The Bikers shot and charged at one of the squads on their side of the board... won combat (and the challenge) but the remaining two Guardsmen stayed put.
Turn four he managed to wreck the Chosen Rhino, and the Psykers killed another Chaos Marine. But with not much more being able to shoot that was it. The Bikers were charged from behind from the squad that had been in the Chimera... but they just lost combat and fled again (Sargent killed in Challenge again). Leaving a lone surviving Guardsman from the other squad. Veterans dropped out of the Valkyre without problems. They were then charged by the remains of my two squads of Marines with the Lord and wiped out. Bikers got clear. Warpsmith with Chosen wiped out the Company Command, Obliterators obliterated the Psykers various squads of IG were also cleaned up. The Havocs shot at the Valkyre in the Rear Armour trying to take it's last Hull Point and actually got three pens, but he Jinked and saved all of them! Turn five was basically just more clean up, with one Heavy Weapons team left, and the Valkyre in Ongoing Reserve left so he conceded. 8-1 to Chaos!

I kind of forgot about pictures... here's one from the beginning.

Turn 4 I think.

Game 2 - Vs Dark Eldar

Game 2 I randomized to play the Dark Eldar. A game I was looking forwards too since I have only played them once before so this looked to be fun! His list consisted of Lelith with four Bloodbrides in a Venom, another Venom with something Shooty in it, a Talos Painengine, four Raiders with ten Warriors in each, one Ravager, a Razorwing, and a rather large beast herd with various critters in it. We got Crusade with three objectives for mission, and once again Vanguard Strike for deployment. But due to limited terrain we unfortunately played on the board with the least terrain which certainly is a downside for Dark Eldar. We both rolled useless Warlord traits, his Combat drugs were re-roll wounds, he got to chose side, I once again won roll off to go first and chose to do so. Night fighting for first turn and he failed to Seize Initiative. 
Once again I set up on a flank, with Marines and Obliterators (both squads this time) in the middle, but I took the Bikers on the other flank. He counter-deployed by putting most of his stuff on the other flank and as much as possible behind terrain.
The terrain didn't quite help him though, as the Ravager stuck up behind it's hill and was promptly sniped and exploded by the Obliterators for First Blood. A couple of beasts were also killed. All three Rhinos popped smoke, the one with the Plaguemarines going for an objective up along the flank they deployed at and the other two going for the middle. In his turn he turbo-boosted one Venom towards the same objective my Plaguemarines were going for, and spread out his Raiders along the short board edge (probably a mistake in retrospect, they should probably stick together and focus their fire). His Dark Lances managed to hit... but rolled ones for penetration every time. The Beasts moved into the middle as fast as they could.
Turn two saw me pound on the Beasts, killing around 60% of them with shooting from everything in the middle (including flamer from the Warpsmith), making them flee. Obliterators also wrecked one of the Raiders. The Plaguemarines shot Plasma from inside their Rhino at the Venom in front of them, the only result was one of the Plasma gunners died... In his turn the Beasts rallied, the Venom with Lelith combined with the Talos combined shooting at the Bikers coming up on their flank and killing two.The Razorwing came in and killed a single Marine and put a wound on one of the Obliterators.
Turn three I wiped out the remaining Beasts, wrecked another Raider with the Lord's unit and their Melta, Wrecked the Venom at the Plaguemarines, and shot at the flier but it managed to jink away most of it but got Locked Velocity at least. He shot back at the Plaguemarines killing four, the Chaos Lords unit also suffered some five casualties or so and Lelith got out of their ride and shot and charged at the lone remaining biker (who with his Melta managed to put a wound on the Talos on Overwatch) and Lelith single handedly slaughtered him.
Turn four my Obliterators killed off the Warriors on his objective, the Marines combined with Warpsmith and his unit killed off Lelith with squad and the other Obliterators killed a couple of Warriors. The Havocs managed to cause exactly two wounds with two hits on the Talos killing it. Plaguemarines managed to explode one of the two remaining Raiders killing most of the guys inside, the rest were charged by the Lord and his unit and killed to a man. The Dark Eldar finally managed to put three wounds on one of my squads of Obliterators leaving one standing, also they killed off the Lords entire retinue except for the Champion and one of the Rhinos was wrecked.
Turn five, I killed off the last Venom with the lone Obliterator and the Lord charged the remaining squad from the wrecked Raider last turn (my Champion died to Overwatch), killing all but two who stayed in combat, and at this point he conceded since he had basically nothing left. At that point I had 9-0, but had we played one more turn I'd easily got 12-0, so another clear victory!

Deployment, Objectives mine out of picture to the left, the other two in the other corners.

Turn 1. Lelith in the Venom at the bottom, Plaguemarines in the grey Rhino at the top.

Turn 2 I believe, forgot pictures after this point...

Bonus picture of the game between SW/Corsairs and Blood Angels. Turn 3 I believe. Objectives are scattered around the Bunker. Note that the Blood Angels Storm Raven still haven't arrived... And yeah, the Green Giant is Björn.

Results and analysis

So, both me and the Space Wolves/Corsairs won both of our games, but I had better VP-score in both games so I guess I won! I'm not sure I would've been able to handle the SW/Corsair-list though as it had two of those ridiculous fliers with 3+ cover and lots of Drop Pods. Would've been a interesting game!
For my games though, I got a pretty easy run as first game my opponent hadn't played before and his list wasn't that strong, and second game the terrain favoured me immensely combined with a really poor first turn for him. As expected the Obliterators carried my list though, never leave home without them. The Warpsmith did an amazing job as well, supported by the Chosen they did a lot of damage. Sadly I never got a chance to get them stuck in combat (they kept blowing and burning everything they looked at!). The Cultists worked perfectly as well, with the opponents too busy with the rest of my army to really have any time for them, just as intended. Bikers are also great at drawing attention to themselves, and quite good at surviving. Now, their T6 was ignored by the amount of Poisoned weapons shot at them, but with their Cover saves and such they were survivors! Also never underestimate the normal Chaos Marines, they usually do their job pretty well and can dish out quite a lot of shots. If nothing else they did draw quite a lot of fire, but kept taking it.
Strangely enough I was the only player without a flier. But it never caused me any problems, mostly because there's only so much one single flier can do (I never faced more than one at a time). So if you only see one flier you can probably happily just ignore it and just get out of it's arcs if possible.
Oh, and turns out these achievements were really hard - as I don't think anyone managed to get a single one!

Fun times anyhow, and hopefully I get to play the other guys soon, as well as have some re-matches!

Apr 1, 2013

1850p: Orks vs Dark Angels

So I've slowly been adding some Dark Angels... and my plan was to not play them until I had actually painted them... but when I realized I could make a 1850p list I couldn't really resist. So my first opponent will be Orks! Yay!

So there's not terribly much thinking about this list, as it's basically what I have. Azrael makes pretty much the entire army scoring, he and the Librarian will join the Command Squad - which will be boosted by Prescience.

Azrael chooses his Warlord trait with no need to roll, and depending on the mission I'll go for the Feel No Pain within 3" of an objective (and move him into a scoring unit where he is needed) or The Hunt as Azrael should be quite good at killing whatever Ork is in lead. The other traits doesn't make much sense, as I'm not planning to charge much in this game and the only reserves I have come in automatically.

The Veterans in the Drop Pod will probably be Combat Squaded - having the two Combi-meltas (+melta bombs) and the Plasma gun in one squad and the flamer in the other. This way I can use both the Flamer and still be able to blow some vehicle up. And my thinking for putting them all in the Drop Pod is that they have 2A base so they shouldn't be push overs if they're counter-assaulted. This is also a reason why I might want to keep them in one squad for safety in numbers... I'll have to decide that after I see his list I suppose. But most likely they'll be two squads.

The Terminators will come in turn 2, either off the Bikers beacon or the Drop Pods beacon, depending on which one has the better position for them to cause as much havoc as possible.

And that's basically it. The Tacticals will Combat Squad unless we play Purge the Alien, with the Heavy Weapons-guys on the backfield objectives and the plasma guns and pistols covering the midfield.

Oh, and I built this list before I knew I was playing this game, so I just added Flakk Missiles as an afterthought. Then I got to play Orks, and I realized he might've finally built his Dakkajet, so those two Flakk Missiles might be very handy indeed!


Dark Angels
Librarian - Level 2, Melta bombs
Command Squad - Company Banner, 4 plasma guns, melta bombs

10 Tactical Marines - Plamsa gun, Plasma Cannon, Plasma pisto, melta bombs
10 Tactical Marines - Plamsa gun, Missile Launcher (w. Flakk), Plasma pistol, melta bombs
5 Scouts - Sniper rifles, camo cloaks, Missile-Launcher (w. Flakk)
5 Deathwing Terminators - Assault Cannon, Chainfist
5 Deathwing Terminators - Assault Cannon, Chainfist
3 Ravenwing Attack Squad - Plasma gun, melta bombs

10 Company Veterans - Flamer, Plasma Gun, 2 melta bombs, 2 Combi-Meltas
+Drop Pod - Locator Beacon

Wazdakka Gutsmek

12 Ork Shoota Boyz - Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole
+Trukk - Red Paint Job, Reinforced Ram
12 Ork Shoota Boyz - Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole
+Trukk - Red Paint Job, Reinforced Ram
9 Ork Warbikers - Nob, Power Klaw, Boss Pole
22 Ork Shoota Boyz - Nob, Power Klaw, Boss Pole
23 Ork Shoota Boyz - Nob, Power Klaw, Boss Pole

13 Lootas - Mek, Grot oiler

Fast Attack
Dakkajet - Additional Supashoota, Red Paint Job, Fighta Ace
20 Ork Stormboyz - Nob, Power Klaw, Boss Pole

Heavy Support
Battlewagon - Deffrolla, 2 Big Shootas, Red Paint Job


So I randomized some terrain and we rolled for mission and deployment and got Emperor's Will (2 objectives) and Hammer and Anvil. I won to chose side, and chose the side with the river.
He won the roll off to go first, and decided to do so. For Warlordtraits he got an extra dice for run rolls, and I chose Feel no Pain when within 3" of objective, because I felt I wouldn't be able to catch up to a bike with Azrael... I got Prescience and Hallucination for my Librarian.
My Bikers scouted across the river, and my Scouts Infiltrated to up on a hill.
There was Night Fighting Turn 1, and I didn't steal initiative.

Lootas inside Battlewagon, my objective in the river corner his behind the mountain.

Turn 1 - Orks

So everything started to move forward (one Stormboy died from his own rokkitpack), and his objective was revealed to be a Targeting Relay (not bad!). Trukks stopped to shoot at Ravenwing, but failed to do any damage. Some more scattered shots also failed to do anything, but Wazdakka killed 3 Scouts (including my Missile Launcher that was Precision sniped by Wazdakka) while the other bikers turbo-boosted, but the Scouts stayed put.

Turn 1 - Dark Angels

So my Drop Pod came in, and as stated in my intro the Deathwing stayed out. The Pod landed to the side of the Battlewagon, pretty much where I wanted it. The Melta-half of the Veterans jumped out close to the Battlewagon and the Flamers and Plasma on the other side. The river was revealed to be Hyperslme (which didn't worry me at all, with Ld10 and a re-roll on top of that), and my objective was sabotaged. Not much other movement really.
The Combi-meltas did their job, and one hit and exploded the Battlewagon, killing half of the Lootas on the inside as well. The Flamer four Stormboys, and the Plasma overheated and got killed... The Bikers that had scooted away some shot their plasma and bolters at the closest Trukk, getting one penetrating hit and one glance, but both went through and I got another explodes result, so the Trukk careened backwards and exploded a measily 1" which covered 1 boy that made his save. Only two boyz on the inside died. The Command Squad that was Prescienced shot at the other Trukk, making it explode on the spot and killing half the squad inside. The Scouts got one precision hit at Wazdakka, but failed to wound.

Turn 2 - Orks

The Dakkajet came in. Bikers moved up towards the 5 Marines on this side of the board, shot 3 to death and then easily killed the other 2 in assault (despite me trying to be cheesy and survive through challenge). The Lootas killed off the remaining Scouts.
The Dakkajet only managed to kill two Marines (from the squad with the Flakk missiles) despite calling a Waaagh. The Waaagh at least helped the Boys to complete their charges. The two units of Trukk boys both tried to charge the Ravenwing, starting with the small squad that was furthest away trying to draw out my Overwatch, but I judged correctly that 9" was too far despite Fleet and managed to kill two boys from the other squad instead. In the combat the Orks killed 2 bikers, leaving only the Plasma gunner alive, but he used Hit&Run to get away from combat.
The Veterans with depleted combi-meltas was charged by the large unit of Boyz, and killed 4 Boys before they got to strike and in return only one Veteran died. The other half of the Veterans was charged by the Stormboyz, they failed their Overwatch, but killed one boy in combat - but more importantly the Sergeant killed the Nob in a Challenge before he got to hit back and in return the Stormboyz killed 2 Veterans. Extremely successful combat for me!

Turn 2 - Dark Angels

So the Deathwing Assault occurs, and both Deathwing squads manage to squeeze in between the cliffs and behind the Boyz within 6" of the Locator Beacon on the Drop Pod. Both squads shot at the Boyz holding their Objective, could only see 10 of them but with twin-linked shots for arriving they killed all they could see.
My Flakk Missile shot and hit the Dakkajet, and destroyed one of it's supa shootas. My Marines combined with the Command Squad finished off the Trukk Boys in one sweep (but the Sergeant in the Hyperslime river overheated his Plasma pistol and died in the process). The lone Biker killed a Loota.
The Stormboyz finished their Veterans, but one heroic Veteran in the other squad held the large squad of Boyz at bay (thanks to the Nob completely failing his attacks).

Turn 3 - Orks

The Warbikers moved up next to the river, preparing to charge across. Wasdakka once again Precision shot the Missile Launcher in this squad as well! But they failed their charge, losing one bike in the process.
The Dakkajet killed one Marine on top of the hill, feeling safe since the Flakk missiles were all gone. The Lootas and their Mek shot at the lone biker, killing him but the Mek overheated his gun and died as well.
The Boys finally killed the last Veteran in combat and consolidated a bit. The Stormboyz jumped a whooping 18" towards the Command Squad, and killed one despite only being in range with 5 sluggas.

Turn 3 - Dark Angels

In my little corner everything shot at the Bikers since they were scoring and the Dakkajet would have to fly off the field anyway. I managed to kill a single biker. I also tried to cast Hallucination, but was denied by the Warboss.
The other side of the board the Deathwing reigned supreme however, one squad tried to move around the mountain to get at the Boyz behind, killing most of them (all they could see once again). The other squad shot at the other Boyz killing a few, and then declared a multi-charge at the Boys and Lootas. They lost one of their number, but killed enough Boys to make them flee, leaving 2 Lootas and around 8 Boyz alive.
My Objective exploded, but failed to kill anything.

Turn 4 - Orks

The Lootas kept running, but the Boys rallied (on a double one! Too bad it was the Lootas that needed it...). The Dakkajet left the airspace, and both the Warbikers and Stormboyz crossed the Hyperslime river without any problems (well, one biker died to Dangerous Terrain). In the Shooting Phase Wazdakka had obviously spent his aiming with all that Missile-sniping and rolled four ones... follwed by another four ones for the re-rolls. D'oh. His Warbikers killed the remaining Marines from the squad that used to have the Missile Launcher though. The Stormboyz charged the Command squad (that got three hits on Overwatch, despite missing Prescience this turn, and also one gets hot that killed a guy). Azrael killed 4 before they could react, and all the other Marines just flailed aimlessly while the Orks failed to penetrate armour - and as a result fled and was Swept.
The Boyz that was holding the Objective also charged the Terminators coming their way, and all died for the effort.

Turn 4 - Dark Angels

The Deathwing on the Orks Objective moved up to grab it, while still getting a good line of fire up, utilizing Split Fire to perfect effect, killing both the Lootas and the four Boyz they could see. The other Deathwing finished off the remaining Boyz.
The Marines combined with the Prescienced Command Squad killed all Warbikers except for Wazdakka, and with him the sole Ork left on the board he conceded.

So when the game ended the score was 5-1 for the Dark Angels (but likely a 9-0 if turn 5 was played)!

Lessons Learnt

I didn't really learn this lesson this game, but Drop Pods are awesome. My trap with two units that are pretty decent in close combat so you don't want to charge them, but if you don't they charge you really did their job at tying up and dividing the Ork-force. Those Veterans probably won me the game themselves!
I was helped immensely by the terrain and the deployment map however, with a semi-shooty fast list against me... and me being able to hide in a corner behind a river that was potentially dangerous for most of his fast stuff. And I also think he should've moved faster with the Trukks in turn one instead of stopping to shoot, so that helped me a bit.
I also learned that Combat Squads is a ridiculously good rule. Being able to feed a small unit like I did on the flank the bikers came up on to delay them while still having enough units to hold the objective worked out great. A single unit can only go through so many units in a game after all!
And then the Deathwing... wow, they're devastating on the turn they come in. Twin-linked Assault Cannons are awesome. I was worried by the amount of Boyz when I saw the list, but I managed to come in behind Terrain, and while one of the Boyz squads was locked in combat so that just worked out perfectly for me. They barely had to make any saves all game!
And then there's Azrael. His Ld10 across the board was really helpful (I would've failed quite a lot of Ld-test without that actually). Probably his most useful ability (except for making Deathwing and Ravenwing Troops of course). And he actually got a chance to dish it out in close combat as well, showing that he can do some damage there!
I really misplaced the Scouts however. I should've sat them in the forest instead, where they could've acted as another distraction for the Warbikers. Maybe they would've spend another turn before they got to my corner that way. But ohwell.
This deployment map really made my battleplan work out perfectly however. But I'll have to try again on a different deployment to see if it's still as solid! I felt the Dark Angels shooting is pretty powerful at least!