Mar 28, 2014

Magnetised Herald/Sorcerer/Blue Scribes on Disc of Tzeentch

So I bought a Chariot of Tzeentch, because I wanted the disc. It's kind of the obvious use of it, right? However, I'm not planning on making a Screamer-star, but I do want a single Herald on a Disc to add some variety to my lists. But I also wanted it to benefit my Chaos Marines, so I decided to make the Disc magnetised! I had a Sorcerer who got the honours, and the way I made it I can create more discs at a later time... since I would like to make a Chaos Lord as well (running the Murder Sword, I like the idea of an assassin on a jetbike!).

Here's the result anyhow!

I also put a magnet on a simple base, so that I can use these models on foot instead should I want to. I'll probably make something more fancy out of it later, but for now it's simply a magnet in a base...

So I looked at the bits that were left... Blue Horrors, books, scrolls... Wait, two Blue Horrors on a Disc? Now that seems familiar. So I went ahead and made my own version of the Blue Scribes as well.

Mar 22, 2014

My list for a small tournament

So a couple of friends (and friends of friends) are going to have a little tournament in a couple of weeks. Seems to plan is to cram in 4 game tables into my flat, which will surely be interesting. So far we're 7 players, aiming for 8. We're going for a 1500p and will be using active komp (2) (this is the guideline for anyone interested: ) and no allies. Wasn't my idea, but I'll look at it as a challenge. We'll also be using BAO missions.

Armies so far seems to be Daemons (me), Imperial Guard, Necrons, Iron Hands, Tau, Sisters of Battle(!), Dark Eldar and another Necron army. Nice variety there!
And here's my army: 

1 Be'lakor
1 Herald of Khorne, Juggernaut, Exalted Locus of Wrath, Exalted Reward
1 Herald of Slaanesh, Mastery Level 2, Exalted Locus of Beguilement, Exalted Reward

20 Daemonettes, Alluress, Greater Reward
10 Horrors, Iridescent Horror 

20 Flesh Hounds
3 Screamers
10 Seekers, Heartseeker, Greater Reward

Total: 1500p

Komp: 2

So, this komp system puts some limitations on what kind of lists we're allowed to take. Flying Circus is way out of the question. But for some reason you're given komp for multiple units of Flesh Hounds and Seekers... but one big unit is fine. So looking at my options I decided to go for that, since I have the models available as well.
So one large squad of Flesh Hounds, which will be led by the Herald of Khorne who will most likely carry the Grimoire. No surprises there. I was pondering about dropping the Grimoire, and only taking a Portalglyph... but the komp specifies that if you have one Herald with a Exalted Reward that's 1 komp... taking another Exalted Reward doesn't give any extra komp, so I figures I might as well take both anyway.
What to put the Portalglyph on though? I quite like the idea of the large squad of Daemonettes that has been around the blogosphere lately. So I decided to give it a try. And then the Herald to lead them makes sense, since I can't multiply this squad unfortunately. I think this squad will be able to support the Hounds nicely in a second wave as they're almost as fast. The Master Level on the Herald is basically just for points, I couldn't think of anything more useful - and I do think the Lore of Slaanesh might come in handy here. With two rolls I hope I'll be able to get Acquiescence, but I'll be quite pleased with Cacophonic Choir as well. I could go for Telepathy here, but the thing is with such a low Ld model I look at this as just a bonus... I don't want to think of this as "I need this power for it to work" and rely on Ld8. Besides, I have Be'lakor all ready to deal with that.
Be'lakor. My toolbox who'll give me some flexibility. I know I'll have to be really careful with his placement... with Tau and IG on the table, both pretty gunline heavy there'll be plenty of small arms fire that will really hurt him if caught out of position. I'll really have to judge for each turn if Be'lakor or the Hounds needs the Grimoire more. Meanwhile he'll run around doing his thing wherever he's needed. I think he's the glue that holds this list together.
Seekers will probably outflank I think, knowing that there'll be Manticores and static Tau I think they might be just what I need to break them up a bit. Force their deployment a bit. Thing is, whenever I've deployed Seekers they've been blasted off the board before they could do anything. So I think Outflank is the way to go with them.
The Screamers will also be in Reserve, with only 3 of them I don't want to start on the board unless I have a nice piece of terrain in my deployment zone to hide behind. This unit is only there to be annoying. It can fly around, slash some vulnerable troops, pick off some artillery or such, and if I keep them alive they can contest pretty much anywhere on the board in the last turn. I really like this distraction unit... because even if my opponents shoots at them and kills them, at least they drew away some fire from my bigger threats - and the Hounds in particular will be happy if less stuff are shooting them. 
Anyone has any comments/suggestions for this list? Something you'd do differently (and remember to consider the komp)?

Mar 18, 2014

Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch

Okay, so what do we have here? GW realised they had a model you could put on the table that had no rules. So they went ahead and "created" rules for it. So there's absolutely nothing new with these rules, except for the fact that the Exalted Flamer now can deploy without his Chariot - this costs half the points it normally does. Unfortunately they didn't add Relentless this time around either, and unlike normal Flamers of Tzeentch this guy is not Jump Infantry. So instead of being stuck on a Fast Skimmer vehicle that can't move if you want to shoot - you're now stuck on foot and can't move if you want to shoot. Splendid.

So anyway, can we make this work somehow? It takes a Herald-spot, so I'm going to assume it's possible to take 4 for one HQ slot. This may, or may not be possible - I don't really know. And what do we get for this? We get a Heavy Flamer with Torrent and a S9 AP2 gun. Well, you can't move if you want to fire the Flamer... and if you want to hit anything with the high strength gun you also need to stand still. So the only use I can find for this guy is adding some defence for a squad of Horrors. D3 Heavy Flamer hits when someone charges them is quite nice. Especially if you have 3 of them around. Add a Herald as well who can put Prescience on the squad. Unfortunately the Exalted Locus doesn't affect the strength of the Exalted Flamers since they're shooting guns and not casting Psychic powers (S6 Torrent Flamer would've been nice!). So a max squad of Horrors, 3 Exalted Flamers and one Herald. This unit will actually be quite hard to shift from an Objective, especially if they sit in some nice area terrain/ruins to protect them from Shooting. Thanks to Torrent Flamers and Flickering Fire it'll be death for any Infantry to get close. Also, if they do stand still they have D3 S9 AP2 shots with 18" range from each Flamer. That's some solid anti-armour right there.

So that's something I guess. Now the question is why anyone would actually charge into this unit? Or put his armour close enough for the Blue Fire to be in range? Oh well...

My other idea would be to use them as a deployable turret... Take 1-4 (remember, Heralds can form squads of their own) and Deep Strike them somewhere you feel you need their help. First turn when they arrive they'll only be able to shoot the Blue Fire as snap shots, but next turn they'll probably be able to defend whatever location you chose for them decently well. Make sure to have Icons around, and some Prescience close by and they might actually do something. 

Anyone else found any use for these guys?

Mar 15, 2014

Crimson Slaughter

First off, I won't be reciting any rules, because they're exactly like what we saw leak a week ago. So use your Google-fu, young padawan. With that said, those rules aren't very interesting. There are some neat items that you can use in some new combinations that's fairly powerful, but nothing super strong. The one rule that's interesting is that as it stands right now Codex: Crimson Slaughter can only ally with Chaos Space Marines. No other. Don't know if that's a typo or not, but that's what it says.

TL;DR of this quick look of the book: If you're in it for awesome rules - don't buy this.

What that out of the way, before mentioned items could make some fun games and I'll definitely try them out - for variety if nothing else. I've run Khorne-only CSM before, and it surely is a challenge. These rules doesn't change that, it's more of a side step from the normal CSM really.

But that doesn't really concern me much in this instance. I didn't expect this book to have any awesome rules, I bought it for the art and background. I haven't read the background yet, but it contains the same amount of background as the Black Legion book - so that certainly seems promising. What I really love however is the art! It has some awesome pictures in there. All goes in Crimson of course. It got me really inspired to paint some red stuff! Here, I'll give you a soundtrack for reading this book:

And then there's the scenarios. As usual there's 3 Altars of War missions and 5 Echoes of War. Some of these scenarios are actually really cool and I will definitely use ideas from them to make them more general and not be Crimson Slaughter specific.

So I got this one with very low expectations and got a nice surprise that'll add some variety to my games, and quite a lot of background to read so I'll be entertained for a while. I'm quite pleased with this turn out actually.