Apr 2, 2013

6-player Tournament round up

So, today we played a small friendly tournament with six players. Due to time constraints we only managed to play two games each (except two players who had to leave early).
So we had my Chaos Space Marines (using this list), Blood Angels, Orks, Dark Eldar, Imperial Guard and Space Wolves with Eldar Corsair allies.

So on to the games. We rolled one mission for all games to play and randomized the players. My first opponent was Imperial Guard, and it was his first game of sixth edition. The other games were Blood Angels vs Dark Eldar, and Orks vs Space Wolves. We got Emperor Will for mission.

Game 1 - Vs Imperial Guard

His list consisted of mostly infantry squads, one Chimera, two mixed Heavy Weapon teams, one Leman Russ Executioner, one Basilisk, a Armoured Sentinel, a squad of ten Psykers and a Valkyre.
We played Vanguard Strike deployment, he got re-rolls for Reserves I got re-rolls for Chaos Boons, he won to chose sides I won to deploy first, but he stole initiative. There was Night Fighting turn 1. I basically deployed my Rhinos and Bikes on one flank and the Marines and one squad of Obliterators in the middle, leaving one squad of Obliterators and the Cultists in Reserve.
So, he stole initiative, but thanks to Night Fighting he only managed to shoot the Executioner, which was barely in range... and of course he hit my Rhino with the Warlord and exploded it. I also failed four armour saves for the Marines in it... Well, great start. One shot, one kill.
In my turn 1 the remaining Rhinos drove forwards as fast as possible, and the Havocs killed enough Guardsmen to make a unit flee of the board. The Obliterators failed to hurt the Executioner. Turn two saw the Valkyre arrive, and with some scattered fire he manged to shake one of the Rhinos and kill one Biker, and return I exploded the Chimera with the Bikers (killing 7 of the Veterans inside), shot off half of his Platoon Command holding his objective with Havocs, explode his Executioner with the Obliterators and kill some more Guardsmen. Oh, and all three of my reserves failed to arrive.
Turn three saw him kill a couple of Marines with the Basilisk and a few more with his Psyker (using their S10 Large Blast...), kill one Havoc with the Valkyre and put some Hull Points on both Rhinos (but both still functional). Both my Chaos Marines squads shot at the Valkyre, managing to Velocity lock it and force snap shots only... My Obliterators arrived, and jumped in front of the Basilisk putting two pens on it, and forcing it to not be able to shoot the next turn. My Chosen blew away the Sentinel and my Rhino with the Plaguemarines Tank Shocked a unit of guardsmen getting to his Objective, while the other Obliterators cleaned out the Platoon Command on it. The Havocs killed some more Guardsmen. The Bikers shot and charged at one of the squads on their side of the board... won combat (and the challenge) but the remaining two Guardsmen stayed put.
Turn four he managed to wreck the Chosen Rhino, and the Psykers killed another Chaos Marine. But with not much more being able to shoot that was it. The Bikers were charged from behind from the squad that had been in the Chimera... but they just lost combat and fled again (Sargent killed in Challenge again). Leaving a lone surviving Guardsman from the other squad. Veterans dropped out of the Valkyre without problems. They were then charged by the remains of my two squads of Marines with the Lord and wiped out. Bikers got clear. Warpsmith with Chosen wiped out the Company Command, Obliterators obliterated the Psykers various squads of IG were also cleaned up. The Havocs shot at the Valkyre in the Rear Armour trying to take it's last Hull Point and actually got three pens, but he Jinked and saved all of them! Turn five was basically just more clean up, with one Heavy Weapons team left, and the Valkyre in Ongoing Reserve left so he conceded. 8-1 to Chaos!

I kind of forgot about pictures... here's one from the beginning.

Turn 4 I think.

Game 2 - Vs Dark Eldar

Game 2 I randomized to play the Dark Eldar. A game I was looking forwards too since I have only played them once before so this looked to be fun! His list consisted of Lelith with four Bloodbrides in a Venom, another Venom with something Shooty in it, a Talos Painengine, four Raiders with ten Warriors in each, one Ravager, a Razorwing, and a rather large beast herd with various critters in it. We got Crusade with three objectives for mission, and once again Vanguard Strike for deployment. But due to limited terrain we unfortunately played on the board with the least terrain which certainly is a downside for Dark Eldar. We both rolled useless Warlord traits, his Combat drugs were re-roll wounds, he got to chose side, I once again won roll off to go first and chose to do so. Night fighting for first turn and he failed to Seize Initiative. 
Once again I set up on a flank, with Marines and Obliterators (both squads this time) in the middle, but I took the Bikers on the other flank. He counter-deployed by putting most of his stuff on the other flank and as much as possible behind terrain.
The terrain didn't quite help him though, as the Ravager stuck up behind it's hill and was promptly sniped and exploded by the Obliterators for First Blood. A couple of beasts were also killed. All three Rhinos popped smoke, the one with the Plaguemarines going for an objective up along the flank they deployed at and the other two going for the middle. In his turn he turbo-boosted one Venom towards the same objective my Plaguemarines were going for, and spread out his Raiders along the short board edge (probably a mistake in retrospect, they should probably stick together and focus their fire). His Dark Lances managed to hit... but rolled ones for penetration every time. The Beasts moved into the middle as fast as they could.
Turn two saw me pound on the Beasts, killing around 60% of them with shooting from everything in the middle (including flamer from the Warpsmith), making them flee. Obliterators also wrecked one of the Raiders. The Plaguemarines shot Plasma from inside their Rhino at the Venom in front of them, the only result was one of the Plasma gunners died... In his turn the Beasts rallied, the Venom with Lelith combined with the Talos combined shooting at the Bikers coming up on their flank and killing two.The Razorwing came in and killed a single Marine and put a wound on one of the Obliterators.
Turn three I wiped out the remaining Beasts, wrecked another Raider with the Lord's unit and their Melta, Wrecked the Venom at the Plaguemarines, and shot at the flier but it managed to jink away most of it but got Locked Velocity at least. He shot back at the Plaguemarines killing four, the Chaos Lords unit also suffered some five casualties or so and Lelith got out of their ride and shot and charged at the lone remaining biker (who with his Melta managed to put a wound on the Talos on Overwatch) and Lelith single handedly slaughtered him.
Turn four my Obliterators killed off the Warriors on his objective, the Marines combined with Warpsmith and his unit killed off Lelith with squad and the other Obliterators killed a couple of Warriors. The Havocs managed to cause exactly two wounds with two hits on the Talos killing it. Plaguemarines managed to explode one of the two remaining Raiders killing most of the guys inside, the rest were charged by the Lord and his unit and killed to a man. The Dark Eldar finally managed to put three wounds on one of my squads of Obliterators leaving one standing, also they killed off the Lords entire retinue except for the Champion and one of the Rhinos was wrecked.
Turn five, I killed off the last Venom with the lone Obliterator and the Lord charged the remaining squad from the wrecked Raider last turn (my Champion died to Overwatch), killing all but two who stayed in combat, and at this point he conceded since he had basically nothing left. At that point I had 9-0, but had we played one more turn I'd easily got 12-0, so another clear victory!

Deployment, Objectives mine out of picture to the left, the other two in the other corners.

Turn 1. Lelith in the Venom at the bottom, Plaguemarines in the grey Rhino at the top.

Turn 2 I believe, forgot pictures after this point...

Bonus picture of the game between SW/Corsairs and Blood Angels. Turn 3 I believe. Objectives are scattered around the Bunker. Note that the Blood Angels Storm Raven still haven't arrived... And yeah, the Green Giant is Björn.

Results and analysis

So, both me and the Space Wolves/Corsairs won both of our games, but I had better VP-score in both games so I guess I won! I'm not sure I would've been able to handle the SW/Corsair-list though as it had two of those ridiculous fliers with 3+ cover and lots of Drop Pods. Would've been a interesting game!
For my games though, I got a pretty easy run as first game my opponent hadn't played before and his list wasn't that strong, and second game the terrain favoured me immensely combined with a really poor first turn for him. As expected the Obliterators carried my list though, never leave home without them. The Warpsmith did an amazing job as well, supported by the Chosen they did a lot of damage. Sadly I never got a chance to get them stuck in combat (they kept blowing and burning everything they looked at!). The Cultists worked perfectly as well, with the opponents too busy with the rest of my army to really have any time for them, just as intended. Bikers are also great at drawing attention to themselves, and quite good at surviving. Now, their T6 was ignored by the amount of Poisoned weapons shot at them, but with their Cover saves and such they were survivors! Also never underestimate the normal Chaos Marines, they usually do their job pretty well and can dish out quite a lot of shots. If nothing else they did draw quite a lot of fire, but kept taking it.
Strangely enough I was the only player without a flier. But it never caused me any problems, mostly because there's only so much one single flier can do (I never faced more than one at a time). So if you only see one flier you can probably happily just ignore it and just get out of it's arcs if possible.
Oh, and turns out these achievements were really hard - as I don't think anyone managed to get a single one!

Fun times anyhow, and hopefully I get to play the other guys soon, as well as have some re-matches!

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