Mar 18, 2014

Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch

Okay, so what do we have here? GW realised they had a model you could put on the table that had no rules. So they went ahead and "created" rules for it. So there's absolutely nothing new with these rules, except for the fact that the Exalted Flamer now can deploy without his Chariot - this costs half the points it normally does. Unfortunately they didn't add Relentless this time around either, and unlike normal Flamers of Tzeentch this guy is not Jump Infantry. So instead of being stuck on a Fast Skimmer vehicle that can't move if you want to shoot - you're now stuck on foot and can't move if you want to shoot. Splendid.

So anyway, can we make this work somehow? It takes a Herald-spot, so I'm going to assume it's possible to take 4 for one HQ slot. This may, or may not be possible - I don't really know. And what do we get for this? We get a Heavy Flamer with Torrent and a S9 AP2 gun. Well, you can't move if you want to fire the Flamer... and if you want to hit anything with the high strength gun you also need to stand still. So the only use I can find for this guy is adding some defence for a squad of Horrors. D3 Heavy Flamer hits when someone charges them is quite nice. Especially if you have 3 of them around. Add a Herald as well who can put Prescience on the squad. Unfortunately the Exalted Locus doesn't affect the strength of the Exalted Flamers since they're shooting guns and not casting Psychic powers (S6 Torrent Flamer would've been nice!). So a max squad of Horrors, 3 Exalted Flamers and one Herald. This unit will actually be quite hard to shift from an Objective, especially if they sit in some nice area terrain/ruins to protect them from Shooting. Thanks to Torrent Flamers and Flickering Fire it'll be death for any Infantry to get close. Also, if they do stand still they have D3 S9 AP2 shots with 18" range from each Flamer. That's some solid anti-armour right there.

So that's something I guess. Now the question is why anyone would actually charge into this unit? Or put his armour close enough for the Blue Fire to be in range? Oh well...

My other idea would be to use them as a deployable turret... Take 1-4 (remember, Heralds can form squads of their own) and Deep Strike them somewhere you feel you need their help. First turn when they arrive they'll only be able to shoot the Blue Fire as snap shots, but next turn they'll probably be able to defend whatever location you chose for them decently well. Make sure to have Icons around, and some Prescience close by and they might actually do something. 

Anyone else found any use for these guys?


  1. 2 Horror Squads with a Herald and an Exalted Flamer in each I suppose? Deepstrike them in and wait a turn or so as you fill in the rest of your things with assaulty things like Flesh Hounds, a Greater Daemon, and allied Be'lakor.

    You should be able to create a small area that your opponent doesn't want to get in. 18 or so inches away from an opponent's objective so that you're too far away to be rapid-fired, but close enough to torrent and send in S6 Shots at whatever is approaching. The enemy could be herded into dealing with Invisible Hounds and the like or something.

    1. Yeah, it was something like that I had in mind. But I just don't quite see such a static playstyle working out very often.