Jul 24, 2015

Maulerfiend tabletop!

I managed to finally get this thingy to table top quality! In fact, enjoyed the look of it so much I have another one waiting to be converted as well...


  1. Just utterly fantastic. Your opponents have got to be gob smacked when they see this!

    1. Haha thanks! I expect it to last one round as usual though... XD

    2. Easiest way to prevent that...throw something nasty in their faces. I run an ork dread mob, I started running a mini death star of bikers, and everyone shoots them instead of the mob for that one critical turn.

    3. True that, true that. Everything has to do with saturation. My Maulerfiends has a bad reputation though, they tend to do really well so people focus them down even if they should probably shoot at something else... but that's also a good thing I suppose! ^^