Dec 1, 2013

First look at: Be'lakor dataslate

So I just saw that Black Library released some rules for Be'lakor in 40k. I all ready own the model and absolutely love it (when I first got back in the hobby it was one of the first models I bought to paint because it's so nice). I've been using it as a normal Daemon Prince... but now we have some new rules for him, so I thought I'd check it out.

My version of Be'lakor

So, what's in the dataslate? There's some backstory, the rules to use him and a mini-gallery. The backstory is basically equivalent with a normal Codex entry for named Characters, ie some general history of the Character. Nothing in depth. There's also a short story in there. Basically exactly what you'd found had this Character been in a codex.

So, on to the rules. First off you can take him as an HQ-choice in either Codex: Chaos Space Marines or Codex: Daemons. He costs the same as a fully decked out flying Daemon Prince, so he's not cheap. But he has some tricks of his own that he can use.

His statline is exactly the same as the normal Daemon Prince in the CSM-codex, except for the fact that he is Ld10 (like all Princes should be!). He is also the only Daemon Prince that doesn't have any allegiance to any Chaos God. He has a better invulnerable save than normal, as he has 4++, on top of that he also has Shrouded. But most important of all, he is Eternal Warrior. So in other words, he's more durable than most Princes, even if he lacks armour.

Be'lakor comes with a Warlord trait of his own, which simply won't have any effect in most games.

More interesting, he is also a Level 3 Psyker and he knows all powers in Telepathy. This is huge. No need to hope for that Invisibility any more! No need to luck out on powers... you all ready have them! This is really a huge deal I think, as it'll make a lot of strategies a lot more reliable. He also has a bit of a gimmicky special rule that gives him an additional D3 Warp Charges if the enemy failed one or more Morale tests the previous turn. Could certainly be useful, but I don't think it'll affect many games even if it combines well with his Warlord trait.

On top of that he has his own special Etherblade, the Blade of Shadows, with the following profile:
Range: - S: +1 AP: 2 Type - Melee, Armourbane, Fleshbane, Master-crafted, Specialist Weapon

So what I see is a damn solid Character. His one big downside is taking up a HQ-slot in a Daemon army, which means it'll be tricky to use him there as he obviously fits very well with a Flying Circus... but usually you all ready need those two HQ-spots for Greater Daemons. However, if you go Daemons Primary and ally in CSM I see him as a nice replacement for that Black Mace Prince that everyone and their grandmother likes to take... and he doesn't have to take one of the less desirable Psychic Powers from the CSM book!

I'd recommend getting this dataslate if you're all ready into Daemon Princes. I'd liked to have seen some more backstory on this one, but what you get is still pretty nice. I also find it intriguing that Black Library now releases a single Character to use in games... will this become a new trend? For some new units as well perhaps? I'm hoping Cypher is next in that case...


  1. Came here from faeit.
    Might as well have red this and not bought the dataslate.
    You have everything but his glamorous warlord trait which is the -1 LD for fear test one.
    Probably the worst daemon warlord trait.
    But anyhow a solid character that I use for dealing with big things and making tanks invisible.

    1. Good luck getting anyone to agree with playing from this, a random text on the internet that doesn't contain the points cost nor all rules. :)
      And well, if you do manage that then I suggest you make up a new even more powerful character for next game. I can even post it up for ya so you have a reference. ;P