Jun 17, 2013

3-man tournament, Daemons, Eldar, Iron Hands

Having a day of rolling dice and shuffling soldiers around! I'm bringing Daemons, and I'll be facing Eldar and Space Marines.

I've made a semi-monster list supported by Hounds basically. Still lacking a lot of options for the army, so basically taking what I have. Keeper of Secrets to get a Flying Daemon Prince of Slaanesh that will go Master Level 3 and hopefully get Invisibility and will be carrying the Grimoire. The other HQ is a Bloodthirster for some extra punch.

Large squad of Flesh Hounds, will probably have the Grimoire on them for most of the time. The rest is just troops. I would've liked another Daemon Prince or two here, too much Troops for my taste and Screamers are basically only there because I'm expecting Devastators... But it is what it is!

Bloodthirster - Exalted Reward, Greater Reward
Keeper of Secrets - Exalted Reward, Greater Reward, Master Level 2

15 Bloodletters - Bloodreaper, Greater Reward
10 Daemonettes - Alluress, Lesser Reward
10 Plaguebearers - Plagueridden
10 Horrors - Irricadent Horror

Fast Attack
20 Flesh Hounds
3 Screamers

Heavy Support
Daemon Prince - Slaanesh, Wings, Armour, Exalted Reward (Grimiore), Greater Reward (Lash), Master Level 3

Game 1 - Eldar vs Iron Hands

Objectives in ruin to the left and top-middle.

First game was Eldar vs Iron Hands. Eldar list was something like this: Avatar, 3 Wraithlords, two squads of 20 Guardians led by Warlocks, Farseer with the burning blade, 10 Swooping Hawks, 10 Warp Spiders.
Iron Hands was, Librarian in terminator armour, 5 Assault Terminators, 5 Terminators with a Heavy Flamer, 3 Tactical Squads with ML+Melta and a Rhino, two Vindicators, Predator with full lascannons, Storm Talon with Assault Cannon and Heavy Bolters.

We rolled one mission that all would play, ended up with Emperor's Will and Vanguard Strike deployment.

Eldar won tablesides and Iron Hands won to take first turn. Eldar had Destructor/Renewer, Jinx, Hallucination, Prescience, Scrier's Gaze for powers. Iron Hands got Iron Arm and Enfeeble. Both got Furious Charge in enemy deployment zone for Warlord traits.
No stealing of initiative so Iron Hands started.

Not a very eventful first turn as one Vindicator was out of range and the other scattered way off (but killed a Warp Spider instead) and I think like one Guardian. Eldar first turn wasn't much better, his lances did get some hull points off various tanks and so, but all were still alive by the end of the turn. So not much happened.

Second turn saw both the Terminators and Storm Talon come on, Terminators scattered off a bit, but the Storm Talon came on and started killing off Warp Spiders. Some Guardians died as well. Eldar got their Swooping Hawks in, and they started harassing the backfield killing a few Marines. The Terminators got a lot of Bladestorm-shooting at them which basically killed them all except the Librarian who stood his ground while the Avatar charged in. He had also been Hallucinated to not be allowed any attacks... but Storm Shield kept him alive. The Tanks also continued to be invulnerable, just taking a few HP here and there.

Turn 3 Iron Hands kept moving forwards, while taking their shots at both squads of Guardians. One of the Vindicators finally got a good shot off at Guardians in the open, basically killing half of them in one swoop. But they were Fearless still. The Librarian got Iron Arm off for +3S. Still not allowed to fight though, but Storm Shield kept him alive. One Wraithlord finally managed to kill one Vindicator by charging it, and that was First Blood! He didn't get Hallucination off this time, and in a weird turn of events the Librarian was able to use his Force Staff to kill the Avatar...

Turn 4 and 5 was basically Iron Hands still slowly moving forwards hoping to contest the Eldar objective in the building while the Eldar took pot shots with Wraithlords and harassing with Swooping Hawks who eventually took Marines off their objective. He also managed to gun down the Librarian and Assault Terminators. Which made Iron Hands concede.

Eldar got one objective, First Blood, Linebreaker and Slay the Warlord, Iron Hands got Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker. 6-2 for the Eldar!

Game 2 - Eldar vs Daemons

So, to see if we could decide this little tournament I played the winner. He got to chose table edge again, and took the very same building. He also won roll off to go first, but gave me first turn for some reason.

He rolled Invisibility, Prescience and Precognition for the Farseer, the Warlocks got +1WS+I and +/-S. He got Furious Charge for Warlord trait again...
My Bloodthirster was Warlord, he got Instant Death weapons (woho...), and Riftbringer and Corpulence (+1W) for Rewards. My Keeper got Doubly Blessed and rolled Wind of Chaos, Admantium Will and then 3+ Armour. For Powers I rolled on Telepathy and got Terrify and Hallucination. My Daemon Prince got Grimoire and Lash of Despair, and for Powers all Telepathy, got Terrify, Psychic Shriek and Puppet Master.

I scouted my Flesh Hounds up, he didn't steal initiative. I got Grimoire off on the Hounds, and moved everything up. Flesh Hounds in his face basically. Then Warp storm, Khorne showed up and killed all but four Warp Spiders. In his turn he tried to block the Hounds with the Spiders, one got lost in the Warp though. He killed a couple of Hounds, but 3++ saved most of them.

Turn two saw me multiassault Guardians not on the objective and the Warp Spiders, hoping for First Blood with the Hounds. Bloodthirster also jumped over and charged the Guardians, but from the side. Precog on the Guardians and Invisibility on the Warp Spiders made it not terribly effective however, so just a few of each died. Oh, Horrors stayed off the board and Bloodletters mishapped back in Reserve. He counter charged with Avatar and one Wraithlord, but due to position couldn't challenge my Bloodthirster. Finally the Warp Spider Exarch managed to Hit and Run out of there and they tried to hide in the ruins.

Turn three Bloodletters came in on my side instead, trying to drive off the Swooping Hawks that had appeared on my side of the board. Horrors stayed out. My Screamers made their Slashing attacks on the Warp Spiders and actually killed both for First Blood. They ended up in a dangerous position, but since I got First Blood it was worth it. Keeper got Hallucination off on the Farseer+Guardians on the objective, and they killed 5-6 of their own number. The Daemon Prince got Terrify off on the Avatar. His Warlock challenged my Bloodthirster and was dully chopped down. Most of the remaining Guardians went down as well, leaving 4 I think. So Avatar actually fled out of combat and stopped right at the end of the board edge... He put Invisibility on the Guardians and charged the Avatar back in, tried some shooting at my other big guys but didn't manage anything. Swooping Hawks picked off some Bloodletters. One of his Wraithlords charged and killed my Screamers. In the big combat I finished off the Guardians (barely) and due to the positioning my Bloodthirster ended up outside of combat after pile ins. So in turn 4 I jumped over, charged the Avatar and challenged him, Wraithlord accepted and died instead. Keeper got Hallucination off on Guardians, stopped them from fighting, and the Daemon Prince got Terrify off on a Wraithlord who decided to flee, but was then charged by Keeper... but T8 was too much for my Keeper because I forgot to Smash... Daemon Prince charged the Guardians as well, was challenged by Warlock who died. His Avatar challenged my Bloodthirster in his turn after having Invisibility on him, but it was killed off anyway. His Swooping Hawks lept up in the sky again.

Turn five, I got Terrify off on the Guardians who decided to flee, might've done this wrong, but since it was in the Movement phase I didn't get to Sweeping Advance so he got away (but off the objective). Keeper kept flailing at the Wraithlord who didn't do much back either. Daemon Prince and Bloodthirster both charged the Guardians, killed all but the Farseer, but he was Swept (since he was still terrified). Swooping Hawks came back in and contested my objective while killing a couple of Plaguebearers.

The Farseer got his world a bit tilted. I thought he was on top of it all, but turns out he was falling...

Turn six wasn't very eventful, just more of the same basically, still no one held any objective. And the game ended there. I got First Blood, Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker, he got Linebreaker. 3-1 to Daemons!

Game 3 - Daemons vs Iron Hands

So we had to play a last deciding game then! He chose sides, and got to go first as well.
He rolled Furious Charge (again?!), Life Leach and... something else I don't remember what. I rolled Doubly blessed on both my Greater Daemons, took a Portal and Doomstone (just for fun to try), extra Weapon for BT and Adamantium will for Keeper Again. Keeper rolled on Excess, got power 2+3 that I never used all game so don't remember their names. Daemon Prince got Grimoire and Lash again, rolled Psychic Shriek, Invisibility and Hallucination.

I scouted up the Hounds, and stole initiative. I failed Grimoire on the Hounds, but still moved up everything. Daemonettes on one flank, because his objective looked a bit unprotected. Dropped Portal which spawned 6 Daemonettes at once (woo!). So, he jumped out of his Rhinos to make as much shooting as possible. And he did some very good rolling... basically every 5 Marines killed two Hounds. Afterwards I only had 8 left.

Turn two I charged in at a squad of 5 and a Rhino (get's blown up for First Blood), get Grimoire off on them. Bloodthirster jumps up and kills 5 Marines (but takes a wound of a overwatch melta). Screamers started in reserve, but stayed out. He get Storm Talon in, and Assault Terminators... Assault Terminators mishap and go back in reserve. Storm Talon kills some Daemonettes. He charges 3 5-man squads into the Flesh Hounds, one squad fail but the other two get in. I still win combat due to 3++. Vindicator kills a lot of Bloodletters.

Turn three, Keeper kills Vindicator, Bloodthirster kills Vindicator. Daemon Prince flies over and puts 2 HP on one Rhino. Flesh Hounds slowly kills the Marines off one by one. Assault Terminators gets in behind my Plaguebearers on objective. Warlord and Terminators stays out. Storm Talon turn towards the Plaguebearers, but 2+ cover saves them. Marines with a Melta shoots my Bloodthirster... melta misses, but he causes 3 wounds with Bolters. I fail all three saves... with one wound left, the Predator turns around and shoots him down. The Keeper only had one wound left as well, and was killed off by Missile Launchers.

Screamers come in last turn, so this turn they jump up to the Predator and kills it off in the assault. Daemon Prince takes the long lap around the board, puts Grimoire on Bloodletters and gets behind the Storm Talon and lashes is down from the skies. Bloodletters kill a five-man squad of Marines, and Hounds finally finish off their Marines. My Horrors gets behind his Assault Terminators to try and drag them away from my objective, rolls a double 6 for assault though, so no dragging... just holding in place instead. Good enough, because they survive. His Termiantors arrive, the shoot away one of my Daemonette squads going for his objective, and tries to hurt the Screamers.

Crash and Burn into the ruins...

Turn five, I fail Invisibility for the first time. Warp Storm kicks in and kills his Librarian... Woot! But Daemonettes + Daemon Prince charges remaining Terminators. Daemon Prince kills 3, Daemonettes nothing. I charge the Plaguebearers at the Assault Terminators as well to back up the Horrors, because my Portal spawned three new Daemonettes that could grab the objective instead. My Screamers slash at his last 5 Marines, kills two, and then lands in a spot that contests his objective. At this point he has 3 Marines, 2 Rhinos, 2 Terminators (locked in combat with angry Daemon Prince) and 2 Assault Terminators (locked in combat with Horrors and Plaguebearers) left, he decides to concede. I got First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker and one objective, he got Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker. 6-2 to Daemons!

Lessons Learnt

So, first of all I did get some respect for the new Guardians. Those 20 man units are quite tough to shift when they have Fearless and some support! Bloodthirster, Flesh Hounds, Daemon Prince... took a lot! And in the end it was the special-rule that lowered Eldar Ld that made them flee at a critical point that moved them off the objective...
Other than that, perhaps it was a good thing that I wasn't able to take the list I wanted to take. Managing to win both games in this environment, and it was the monsters that carried me. Imagine what another Daemon Prince would've done instead of all those troops...
Also, the Slaanesh Prince with Invisibility and Lash of Despair carrying the Grimoire is awesome. You basically don't need any more anti-air, and he'll support everything else... awesome combo.
Horrors are still horrible, nothing new there. Don't know why I still take them. Plaguebearers haven't impressed me either. And well, Bloodletters are too slow to really do anything. Daemonettes are by far my favourite troop choice. All though, people tend to say that they're good against Terminators... I say no. They're terrible against anything T4 or more. What I love about them is the agility, as they're not harmless in combat your opponent really have to account for them at some point... and if he doesn't, they're so fast you'll get some objectives or denials going on.
Screamers. I really liked them in game two, I used them very defensively and then sneaking around and managed to contest his objective in the end. And they did kill the Predator. I actually think a unit of 3 might be worth it, because their threat-level is so low that your opponent will focus on other stuff, and then you can use their speed in the very end. Worth considering if you have 75 points to spare. And Deep Striking them is a must to protect them, and not giving up First Blood I feel.
So all in all, monsters rule. Flesh Hounds are amazing at Meat-shielding. The fact that you can really direct the opponent makes them so strong. Even failing that Grimoire... 8 is enough to do the job I guess.

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