Dec 5, 2012

Build Day

So what do you do when there's a snowstorm outside? You build stuff of course! I took the opportunity to get further along on a couple of my projects. Here are some quick pictures!

Finally I have some riders to my bikes! Basically kit-bashing between Biker-set and the CSM-box and some simple repositioning of weapons and arms.

Ten Havocs! GW messed up on my first order and sent me a box with a missing sprue, so after contacting them I got a new box. So I had to do some improvising to fill out the missing bits! Also I decided to make another Autocannon-guy from the Heldrake Hades Autocannon combined with a Heavy Bolter. Looks pretty neat I think!

Did some finishing touches on my FW Daemon Prince that I've added wings too. Needed some extra Greenstuff to cover the pins to the wings (which are also magnetised) so I fixed that today as well.

And finally I did some work on my Maulerfiend that has been half-built for quite some time. Earlier I magnetised all options for Maulerfiend/Forgefiend - but this left me the question on how to get the Maulerfiend-options in there... because I couldn't be bothered to magnetise two of the legs that it would actually stand on... I was also missing shoulder plates for the Maulerfiend-arms. So therefor I decided to go for this conversion. Yes, it's not possible to take both Lasher Tendrils and Magma Cutters in play but I don't care. I liked the idea of it!
Quite a productive day I think! Now it's just this painting thing left...

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