Dec 20, 2012

CARNAGE: Battle for the Duck Pond - Part III

So, we were planning on a 4 player Carnage but unfortunately one guy had to pull out last minute and one guy was going to be late... we decided beforehand that he could just come in anyway though, but with a handicap of 200p to make up for the fact that he wouldn't suffer any shooting for the first turns.

Carnage is a nice Free For All scenario, preferably for 4 players and basically you have one objective in the middle of the board. You might want to check out our previous games of this mode as well... Part I
Part II

So my list. Basically in the Carnage scenario you don't need Troops to score so I decided for a Sorcerer as my Warlord. I was expecting Dark Eldar (but he had to pull out so) so I thought my Noise Marines would be a nice choice. I also was expecting two Space Marines, so Veterans on everything. I wanted to get in the middle fast, and draw people in there to create some mayhem and fun and thus - Rhinos. I threw a Maulerfiend in there just because I could. Game plan? Get in the middle, see what happens. Simple. Can't possibly go wrong.


Black Legion Chaos Space Marines
Sorcerer - Mark of Slaanesh, Veterans of the Long War, Level 3, Spell familiar, Sigil of Corruption, Melta bombs, Gift of Mutation

8 Chaos Space Marines - +7 CCW, Mark of Slaanesh, Veterans of the Long War, Plasma Gun, Melta Bombs
+ Rhino
5 Chaos Space Marines - +4CCW, Mark of Slaanesh, Veterans of the Long War, Plasma Gun, Melta Bombs
+ Rhino
10 Noise Marines - Veterans of the Long War, 8 Sonic Blasters, Blastmaster, Doom Siren, Melta bombs, Icon of Excess

Heavy Support
Maulerfiend - Magma Cutters

Space Wolves
Wolf Lord - Terminator Armour, Power Fist, Storm Bolter.
Wolf Priest - Power Armour, Cruzium, Bolt Pistol.

5 Grey Hunters, Mark of the Wolfen

5 Grey Hunters, Mark of the Wolfen


Dreadnought, Autocannon, Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon (ink S
torm Bolter)


Fast Attack
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry

Blood Angels
Librarian - Terminator armour, Force staff

7 Assault Marines - Melta bombs
10 Tactical Marines - Missile-Launcher, Melta gun

5 Assault Terminators - 3 TH/SS, 2 LC
+Land Raider Redeemer 


So, we were only two players from the start, me and the Blood Angels. We rolled for Warlord traits and Psychic Powers. I got the Trait making my Warlord cause Fear (useless against Space Marines) and he got Outflanking for his Warlord and the unit he joined.
For psychic powers I got Inferno, Haemorrhage and Hysterical Frenzy (Slaanesh) and he got Foreboding and Psychic Shriek.
I also rolled for my Gift of Mutation... and got 22 - Spawn. Re-rolling that and got... Spawn again... Third time counts, right? Got Unworthy Offering. So no Boons for me!
He rolled for the Red Thirst and no squads were affected. 
We then rolled for first turn, which he won but decided to let me go first since his was a very short range army. No Night Fighting for Turn 1. So I basically deployed in a box, he didn't have any long range shooting anyway. He hid his Rhino behind one building and then the Assault Marines behind another. Letting the Land Raider with the Warlord outflank. He didn't steal initiative.

Deployed in a Star Formation! The Maulerfiend up front, giving the Rhino behind it (with the Sorcerer) a cover save - since it all ready has a 5+ save itself it's great for wall duties like this.

The Blood Angels hide behind the ruins!

Black Legion - Turn 1

I simply moved everything forwards as fast as I could since I couldn't see anything. Nothing interesting happened.

Blood Angels - Turn 1

His Rhino came out from hiding, and he shot both his Missile-Launcher and the Melta at one of my Rhinos... hit with both despite snapshot for the missile. Explodes! No Chaos Marines died though.

One exploded Rhino later.

Black Legion - Turn 2

Planning to charge the Rhino, my Maulerfiend changed direction and ran towards it. My Noise Marines got out of their Rhino as well, I placed them so that my Blastmaster would be able to shoot at the Assault Marines who were hiding behind the building. Managed to kill one Assault Marine. Then my plasma gun from the Marines who got their Rhino blown up shot at the Blood Angel Rhino and actually blew that one up in return! One Marine died in the explosion!

My Maulerfiend tried to charge the Tacticals on the inside anyway, needing a 6... but despite Fleet failed the charge...

Blood Angels - Turn 2

The Land Raider came in at the flank where the Noise Marines were, and thus opposite side from the Maulerfiend lucky for it!

The Tactical Marines previously in a Rhino were combat squaded, and the part containing the Melta gun tried to move out of the crater but only got a 1... They were still in range to shoot the Melta at the Maulerfiend however and got a Glancing hit.

The Land Raider shot it's Multi-melta at my Rhino containing my Sorcerer but failed to penetrate it's armour. It shot the Assault Cannon at the Noise Marines, got three wounding hits but they were just loving it (made two out of three armour saves and the failed one made his Feel no Pain-roll).

The Assault Marines then jumped forwards, deciding it's better to charge than to be charged and threw their grenades at the Maulerfiend. The Maulerfiend killed two of them, but in return the sergeant blew off one of it's Power Fists with his Melta bombs.

The Land Raider arrives!

Space Wolves - Turn 2

At this point the Space Wolves arrived from nowhere. We rolled for a random table edge for them to come in from, which meant the three Thunderwolves came in on the same side as the Land Raider. Then all three Drop pods came in from reserves. The one containing the Warlord hit exactly where intended. Then the second one containing the other squad of Grey Hunters scattered... off the board. And a Terrible Accident it was. I guess he didn't think the 200p handicap was enough! The Dread also landed where it was intended to.

Hey! Where did those guys come from? And yes, that is a Dreadnought. Obviously.

The Wolves came in next to each other and ran as "fast" as they could (meaning two of them ran 1"). The Grey Hunters coming out from their Drop Pod shot the Blood Angel unit with the Missile-Launcher and killed one regular Marine. The Dreadnought did better, firing at the Chaos Marines and killing two and made them fall back.

Black Legion - Turn 3

The fleeing Chaos Marines managed to rally, despite losing their Champion last turn. They were not happy with the Dreadnought and actually shot the Assault Cannon off it with their Plasma Gun. The Noise Marines Rhino moved up to block the Land Raider and at least force a terrain-test for it if the Terminators should want to assault next turn.

The other squad still in their Rhino managed to kill one Blood Angel Tactical Marine with a plasma shot. Everything else missed. In the close combat between the Maulerfiend and the Assault Marines... not a single attack hit.

Blood Angels - Turn 3

The Melta-squad kept moving forwards, now in range of the Rhino with the Sorcerer they shot it and blew it up. Two Chaos Marines died in the explosion after 8 wounding hits (!). The other half with the Missile-Launcher shot the Space Wolves and killed one guy.

The Terminators jumped out of their Land Raider and charged the Noise Marines. They actually managed to kill one Terminator on Overwatch. My Champion challenged and his Librarian accepted, wanting more Thunderhammers to kill the squad with. And a good thing too, since I made extremely good Feel no Pain rolls on all his Lightning Claw wounds, but then the Thunderhammers struck down 3 Noise Marines. Tie challenge, and Fearless Noise Marines stayed.

The Assault Marine champion then managed another Glance on the Maulerfiend, wrecking it.

Space Wolves - Turn 3

The Warlord-unit moved up and made a multi-assault on both Combat Squads of the Blood Angels. The only survivors of that ends up being the Sergeant with his Melta gun and another regular Marine to no losses for the Space Wolves.

The Dreadnought charged the offending Chaos Marines and killed off the two remaining ones easily. The Thunderbears (Thunderwolves) all charged the Assault Marines from behind, killing three but leaving the Sergeant alive - who actually manages to flee and stays just at the board edge.

Black Legion - Turn 4

The surviving Rhino was racing around and started to go for the middle. Everything else was either locked in combat or stayed put.

The Sorcerer got first Hysterical Frenzy off (I casted this every turn, but it had no effect earlier so didn't mention it) which gave the unit +1A. Then I also managed to get Haemorrhage off and even hit the Wolf Lord who failed his Toughness-test and took a wound! The rest of the squad also shot the unit and killed two Grey Hunters. 

In the combat between the Assault Terminators and Noise Marines another two Noise Marines died after more Feel no Pain-saves nullifying Lightning Claws (Thunderhammers did all the work!). Still a stalemate in the challenge.

Blood Angels - Turn 4

Both the Assault Marine Sergeant and the 3-man squad of Tacticals rallied of course, being Space Marines. The Assault Marine tried to move behind the Grey Hunters, wanting to draw them away from the objective in the middle with their pile-in moves and did just that. His Hammer of Wrath attack even wounded the Wolf Lord, putting him at only one wound left! The Sergeant died to the return blows though, and the consolidation pretty much put the Grey Hunters back where they started.

The Blood Angels find themselves surrounded on all sides so form a protective circle guarding each others backs!

The three-man squad moved as far towards the middle as they could. The melta and plasma pistol combined with the Land Raider killed 3 Chaos Marines in the middle. They then proceeded to charge the Chaos Marines. I challenged with my Champion, wanting to use my force weapon as much as possible. Killed only one Tactical Marine... and in return his Sergeant killed my Champion. Tie combat. D'oh.

The Land Raider also rammed my Rhino from behind for a S7 hit, which caused a penetrating hit forcing me to shoot Snap shots next turn.

3 Noise Marines died to Thunderhammers, yet again. This was the last remaining ones except for the Champion, so no more Feel no Pain! The Champion actually managed to put one wound on the Librarian and survived himself keeping the Terminators in place for another round!

Space Wolves - Turn 4

Everything except for one Thunderbear gathered in the middle. He even decided to not shoot anything because he wanted to end stuff up close. Everything charged the close combat between the Tacticals and the Chaos Marines. The Grey Hunters only reaching the Blood Angels while the Dreadnought and two Thunderbears reached the Chaos Marines. The Remaining Thunderbear charged my Rhino and completely failed his attacks.

The Grey Hunters with the Priest and Lord slaughtered the Blood Angels. Then my Sorcerer with his extra attack put one wound on a Thunderbear and using his Force weapon killed him off. The Dreadnought killed one Marine, making it a tie combat.

Black Legion - Turn 5

My surviving Rhino Tank shocked the Thunderbear in front of it, who simply stepped out of the way so nothing much happened there.

In the challenge between the Librarian and my Noise Champion I think they decided to simply rest and just stare at each other for another turn.

The Sorcerer once again cast Hysterical Frenzy and got +1A, and with this he repeated his feat from the Space Woves turn and used his Force Weapon to kill the remaning Thunderbear! The Dreadnought and the lone remaining Chaos Marine also stared at each other.

Blood Angels - Turn 5

The Land Raider tried to chase after my Rhino (maybe it fell in love?) trying to both Tank shock the Thunderbear and ram my Rhino again... but got stuck on a small wall instead. He could still shoot though, and actually managed to kill one of the Grey Hunters nearest to the objective in the middle.

Finally the Noise Champion died to the Librarian and the Assault Terminators consolidated towards the middle, threatening the Space Wolves there, they'd be able to assault next turn.

Space Wolves - Turn 5

The Wolf Lord split off from the Grey Hunters while the Priest and lone remaining Grey Hunter camped the objective. The Remaining Thunderbear also moved up and charged the Chaos Marines together with the Wolf Lord. Bold move since he knew I had to challenge and he only had 1W left, all set up for a epic last stand! My Sorcerer being I5 he struck first and managed to do 2 wounds to the lord, but alas he couldn't penetrate the Terminator armour. And in return the Power Fist crushed him. The Dreadnought was inspired and also crushed the remaining Chaos Marine.

So at this point the Space Wolves had 1 Grey Hunter, 1 Wolf Lord, 1 Wolf Priest, 1 Thunderbear and 1 Dreadnought (non-scoring) on the objective (and two Drop Pods close by). I had a functional Rhino close by (non-scoring). The Blood Angels had 4 Assault Terminators with a Librarian close enough the objective to get a decently reliable charge next turn and a immobilized Land Raider. Does the game end? It did. Space Wolves victory!


First off I'm really happy with how well my Sorcerer did. He's pretty damn good against Power Armour-models with multiple wounds! And the Hysterical Frenzy giving extra attacks to a unit that all ready had CCW was a huge boost to that units survivability! And talking about survivability... My Noise Marines stayed in combat for FIVE close combat phases with Assault Terminators! That's insane!

So my plan for this game wasn't really to win, I wanted to create chaos and forcing a big fight in the middle. I think I was fairly successful in this as we did get some nice big fights! However I did some really strange moves in the first turn. I have no idea why I both charged up as fast as possible or why I split my forces up. I could've simply held back and waited for the Blood Angels to come to me instead. And why did I run my Maulerfiend against the only Meltagun on the board? I have no idea. This really messed up my positions, as the Maulerfiend was where the Noise Marines should've been and vice versa. Oh well!

Still the scenario caused some carnage just like the name suggests! And it seems to be very hard to hold on to this little dangerous pond (all though it didn't kill anyone in this game surprisingly!) as no one has been able to win two games in a row so far! That calls for a rematch of course...

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