Mar 15, 2014

Crimson Slaughter

First off, I won't be reciting any rules, because they're exactly like what we saw leak a week ago. So use your Google-fu, young padawan. With that said, those rules aren't very interesting. There are some neat items that you can use in some new combinations that's fairly powerful, but nothing super strong. The one rule that's interesting is that as it stands right now Codex: Crimson Slaughter can only ally with Chaos Space Marines. No other. Don't know if that's a typo or not, but that's what it says.

TL;DR of this quick look of the book: If you're in it for awesome rules - don't buy this.

What that out of the way, before mentioned items could make some fun games and I'll definitely try them out - for variety if nothing else. I've run Khorne-only CSM before, and it surely is a challenge. These rules doesn't change that, it's more of a side step from the normal CSM really.

But that doesn't really concern me much in this instance. I didn't expect this book to have any awesome rules, I bought it for the art and background. I haven't read the background yet, but it contains the same amount of background as the Black Legion book - so that certainly seems promising. What I really love however is the art! It has some awesome pictures in there. All goes in Crimson of course. It got me really inspired to paint some red stuff! Here, I'll give you a soundtrack for reading this book:

And then there's the scenarios. As usual there's 3 Altars of War missions and 5 Echoes of War. Some of these scenarios are actually really cool and I will definitely use ideas from them to make them more general and not be Crimson Slaughter specific.

So I got this one with very low expectations and got a nice surprise that'll add some variety to my games, and quite a lot of background to read so I'll be entertained for a while. I'm quite pleased with this turn out actually.

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