Oct 11, 2013

A bit of a showcase

Long time no post... again. And no game this time! I'm actually soon at 400 painted models (model no 400 will be a Daemon Prince, it's work in progress). So I thought this would be a good time to put some pictures on some of my own favourite models online. Hope you enjoy!

Let's start with my Chaos Lord since CSM is my main army. I painted this guy before Dark Vengeance was released... and had chosen turquoise as my complementary colour for my Black Legion before that... and to my surprise GW did the same thing! Bah! Stealing my originality! :P

Let's go on with some more CSM stuff.

My first attempt at lightning effects. This Berzerker Champion rarely sees battle... but at least his sword looks shiny!

One night when I couldn't sleep I made this one... out of paper and various bits. It's even magnetised, since when I made it your "mark" was decided by the banner so I thought I could make different ones! Then the new codex hit and nothing more came of that... :P

Because freehand shoulder pads and Daemonic weapons are fun.

Much like my Berzerker Champion Khârn doesn't get to fight much... but I love the model. Hard to believe it was sculpted over 20 years ago. I tried to make his skin quite red, as if his blood is boiling. Quite happy with the result.

I totally love this model. But everything is metal on him, which makes him a bit tricky to paint. I tried to use various different tones on all the metal bits to have some variety at least... and the blue wash didn't turn out well at all on picture... but ah well.

On to some Daemon perhaps?

This is probably my favourite GW model of all time. I just love the head and horns of it. It was so easy to paint really, because the sculpt is so good you could kind of do pretty much anything...

I wish they would re-make these ones in plastic... best Daemon-troops by far! I only have ten of these old sculpts, so I took the time to make the Slaanesh-symbol on their loinclothes to add some extra detail.

Picked this model up from Coolminiornot just because I liked it. Then I started playing Daemons, and thought this would be a very good Herald of Slaanesh... I decided to make her more purple than my other Slaanesh-stuff because I wanted her to stand out a bit more, even if the large base does that. 

Now, let's look at some random models I've painted over the years...

When I started this hobby some ten years ago I played Fantasy (6:th edition). After the starter box I went for a Night Goblin army (I have some 150 of the little buggers. Undefeated too!). This was my first really big model as well as conversion. Perhaps not up to the same standard I can do today, but I still really like it. I even sculpted the shield myself!

Even if I started the hobby ten years ago I've not been active for all that time... I actually had a break for seven years. This is the second model I painted after the break (the first one was a random Goblin I had laying around). Such an awesome pose. I also had a very limited palette back then as all my paints had dried out, so did a lot of colour mixing here. I really like the cold blue tone the cape got for example.

And this was the third model after the break... Heinrich has always been one of my favourite Fantasy models. So when I got back to painting he had to be one of the models I made. I tried to make his skin look really old, while his coat should be fleshy and fresh. Pleased with the effect!

Wood Elves has always been one of the coolest looking armies in my opinion (looking forwards to the new models that are on the horizon according to the rumours!. This one I spend a lot of time with the face and hair. The lips are even red, and the eyes are blue. Probably one of the best faces I've ever painted.

 Another elf, and another of my better faces! Went for very natural colours for this one, and for contrast I made him albino.

I like painting green. I mean, I have all those Goblins, so I have some practice at it... this one I took extra care to make him look battle damaged. I like how the paint looks chipped away and old on the shoulder pads.

Snikrot is one of the coolest Orks around. Made an experiment with the skin tone here... it's some five or six layers, starting with brown and gradually mixing in more and more green. He looks way more leathery than my other Orks, and considering his age, that's appropriate!

And finally, another Champion of Chaos. Loved this model when it came, painted it some 8 years later. Again, as a Champion of Khorne he's constantly angry and boiling blood... so a red skin tone felt right.

So, there you have it! Some of my favourite models I've painted over the years! Hope you liked! Stay tuned for model number 400... taking my time with it, hoping it'll really stand out...

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