Oct 11, 2012

My (painted) army so far

So I had no electricity for a few hours today. What to do? Well, why not try my new camera? So here's what I have painted for my Black Legion so far. I am a bit annoyed by the fact that GW also decided to use a turquoise colour on their Black Legion for the alternative pictures to the Dark Vengeance box... so now it looks like I'm copying them! I actually started painting these guys a year ago! Ah well!

Progress is slow, but even so.

All of the painted Legion so far.

One of my two Berzerker squads, this Champion wit h a Power Sword. I also used parts from Empire Knights on these guys to add some extra detail.

Terminators! Their arms are actually magnetized, so all options for me!

Raptors... these guys are a real pain to make them stand up...

My Sorcerer in Terminator armour, he can replace his Combi-Melta with a Combi-Bolter.

Plague Marines. Have some attempts with greenstuff here as well as painting glowing plasma.

My latest finished addition. Really love this model, was great fun to paint. I went with blue Power Weapons in this army, and red ones were supposed to be Daemon weapons.. no more generic Daemon weapons in the codex though. Oh well. At least it makes him stand out!

The first model I painted for this army I think. At first I just bought the Be'lakor model to paint because I really like it. Then I decided to start a CSM army, so a Daemon Prince he became. Also my first attempt at painting lightnings on a weapon.

So on the shelf for "Work in Progress" I currently have a 10 man unit of Thousand Sons (very nearly done), another unit of 8 Thousand Sons with a custom Sorcerer, 4 Obliterators, 11 Chosen, 28 Cultists, Helbrute, Decimator, Defiler, 5 Possessed, Ahriman, Khârn, 10 Berzerkers, 4 Havocs and the Dark Vengeance Lord... And that's only one army! Also before the new stuff arrives... Gee I better start painting!

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