Oct 16, 2012

CARNAGE: Battle for the Duck Pond - Part II

If you haven't read part I all ready I highly recommend that you do so now. Not that it has much to do with this game, but you get more context that way! So since the first game was so much fun we decided to do another one! And as with the first game, this is based on my old notes. This was my last game of fifth edition. Great way to end the edition we thought!

SPOILER - if you don't want to know who won part I, don't read this section -

Since my Berzerkers claimed the pond in the last game I thought about making them "guard" the objective and charge everything that got too close automatically. But decided it'd be too much hassle for this time. But a funny idea for another game at least! So instead we simply used a Berzerker as the objective marker, standing in the middle of the pond (the same model that was in the middle of the pond by the end of the last game of course).


Quick recap of the scenario, very old, every model is scoring, four players free for all with one objective in the middle. We used a Duck Pond counting it as Dangerous Terrain.

This time we also had two other players who wanted to take a bath. First we have the Blood Angels who fielded TWO Baal Predators. Ouch. Also a Librarian and some Devastators. The other new player was the Eldar Corsairs, with a flyer and all his Eldar-trickery he could stuff into 1000 points. The Orks then returned however this time with two Warp'eads and also returning were my Chaos Space Marines - but with Thousand Sons and Plague Marines in this game.

Let the Carnage begin!

The Corsairs took the first turn, but apparently Eldar can't see in the Dark, as the only thing that got a single shot of was the Nightspinner which made all terrain dangerous and difficult for a unit of Stormboyz that was so fresh that the primer had barely dried yet. Said unit then rolled a 1 for it's move and one boy died. Another 4 died to Dangerous Terrain. The Grots sitting in their Killa Kans has cat eyes though, they see everything and make sure that the Nightwing and the Nightspinner can't shoot next turn. One of the Warp'eads rolls a Deep Strike for his psychic power... and suddenly a large squad of Boys appear in front of the Chaos Troops and two Baal Predators. The Blood Angels take their turn first and didn't have to think long before torching 17 boys. My Raptors with flamers got inspired by the smell of BBQ and flamed some more of them before charging in. My Defiler then finds a unit of Corsairs that looked hungry, and decided to give them a pie plate. Half the squad died.

In turn two the Corsairs starts to shoot all their missiles. They have lots of them. But even without night fighting they can't hit anything after all. The Stomboyz then roll another 1 for their move so another dies... But they get close enough to shoot their sluggas at the Night Spinner... which dies! Revenge! As the battle between Orks and Eldar goes on (seems those Orks really doesn't like Eldars around their ponds) the Blood Angels turn against Chaos. He starts the shooting phase by trying to get a Bloodlance off, and he does... and on 4 dice he manages to roll 5" so thus misses everything... He does however manage to immobilize the Defiler and stun a Rhino. So Plague Marines jump out of the Rhino and manages to charge one of the Baals and kills it with Krak Grenades. The Aspiring Sorcerer with the Thousand Sons then fails to use the Bolt of Tzeentch to kill the other Baal.

Turn three and the war between Corsairs and Orks continued. Not going well for the Corsairs, as one of the Warp'eads gets his psychic melta off on the last remaining Nightwing that dies. On the other side of the board the remaining Baal flamed the Thousand Sons Rhino to death. The Rubrix-rines jumped out and slaughtered most of the Assault Marines coming for them in return.

The Eldar finally manage to cleanse the Stormboys off the board, but only has two decimated squads of Corsairs and their Prince left on the board. So the Orks decide it's time to move for the middle. The Assault Marines takes help from the Furiouso Dreadnought and charges the Thousand sons. The Aspiring Sorcerer has melta bombs though, and blows the dread to pieces. The entire squad of Thousand Sons are then wiped out because of Fearless-wounds and combat resolution though... The Plague Marines who have all ready killed one Baal goes for the other one. They manage to take a lot of weapons of it but it survives. The Defiler then fries five Marines in the back as well.

In turn five the Warp'ead who earlier in the game teleported away which is now the lone survivor of that group (perhaps they had offended him before the battle and that's why he put down the entire mob in front of two flamestorm cannons?) blasted his own head off... except that he actually survived! The other Warp'ead then also got a Deep Strike and pretty much joined up with the first one! Two of the boys managed to run into the Pond from there... and they actually survived!! The Blood Angels want none of that however, as their Assault Marines jumps over a building and drags them off the objective due to pile-in and away from his Tactical squad with the Librarian running in from behind as well. Orks didn't manage a single hit and are cut down with out mercy. Enough survived for them to still be Fearless though so they stayed. The Baal then finally dies to Plague Marines in the Blood Angel turn since he forgot to move it... In the Chaos Turn the Defiler finds it too tempting not to shoot at the large fight in front of it, unfortunately it scatters off and only kills 4 boys. The Plague Marines then join the fray since this large battle is in their way to reach the objective. They cause a wound on the Warp'ead and kills one Assault Marine and take no casualties in return. But everyone stayed in combat.

The Corsairs now make a run for it, the Prince is the only unit on the board with Fleet, so he shoots his blast weapon at the lone Warp'ead that it survives, then charges in and cuts him down no problem. He then consolidates right on top of the Berzerkers head! The Killa Kans who were the second closest to the objective (remember all models are scoring in this mission) didn't appreciate the joke and fired two rokkits at the Prince. Both hit... and then double one to wound! The remaining Warp'ead then gets another Deep Strike so he teleports his unit out of the close combat as far away from the Assault Marines and Plague Marines as they can but still staying close to the objective. So they want to show who's boss and fires their sluggas at the Prince... he gets to wounds through... and the Prince fails both his saves and dies!
The Tactical squad that are no longer in combat now runs for the objective and just reaches the edge of the pond. The Sanguinary Priest then gets chopped down by the Chaos Lord and they consolidate closer to the objective right behind the Tactical Marines. Then we reached the Chaos turn which could be the last turn of the game. I however got so eager to shoot the Defiler on the Killa Kans to get them off the objective that I forgot to make my move with the Plague Marines... Had I remembered that they would've been right on the objective! Instead the Defiler scattered off and killed 5 boys. I then also forgot to charge the Tactical Marines... We rolled the dice and the game ended!

At this time there are less than 15 models on the board, but who won? Both the Blood Angels and the Orks have units right at the edge of the pond and the scenario states that the player with a model closest to the objective at the end wins. Time to measure! Easier said than done though... after a lot of measuring we could however conclude that the Blood Angels Sargent was 1mm closer to the objective than the Killa Kans! An incredibly close Blood Angels victory!

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