Nov 23, 2014

The Battle for Medina-Tri: Conclusion

Week 13
So since I haven't updated in a bit, here's the map of week 13. And now week 14:

Week 14

So this were the orders for week 14, and the Black Legion charged the Blood Angels. It was a hard fought battle of killpoints, where my Black Legion took an early lead that the Blood Angels tried to catch up with all game. Didn't help that a 440p unit of Terminators decided to not show up until turn 4. But the Blood Angels could still have snatched a victory if it had ended by turn 5 and also killed my Warlord in the ongoing challenge. But the game didn't end on turn 5, and then my Warlord killed his instead (and was turned into a Spawn for the trouble). Nice game!
With that result our Ork-player decided to end as well, so that's it the campaign is over! Here's the final map of week 14:

So basically I've just posted a poll for the players to get back to me with feedback to see what worked and what didn't. So I'll make a full post of that later! Much fun was had however, and I'll probably use the (updated) rules to run a campaign like this again, and I'd say if you get the chance you should do it as well!

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