Oct 12, 2014

The Battle for Medina Tri - Campaign Update Week 6+7

All right, due to life being busy I missed making this summary for week 6, so here's a very short recap of both week 6 and 7. A lot happened these weeks actually, starting with week 6 the Blood Angels attacked the Black Legion HQ triggering a 2500p vs 1500p battle. I was prepared with a really nasty Summoning Army for defence though and managed to fight them to a tie, effectively meaning a win for me due to the campaign rules and the defenders advantage. Oh, and my army also bought Dropships. Meanwhile the Orks and Sisters of Battle had another fight right outside the Sisters HQ, both sides took huge losses in this fight, but the Orks emerged victorious once again. The Space Wolves fled from the advancing Eldar.

Won't type full battle reports, not post the full lists. But here's my battle against the Blood Angels in pictures:

This Dread spent the whole game walking up and down this hill. In the end he also tried to cast a power... and of course he got a perils. Not his best showing...

Swooshing in super sonic speed!

Defiler vs Terminators and Warlord... this continued for most of the game, a real slap fight!

Eventually some Daemonettes came in, only two survived, but they killed the last three Terminators when they charged in... Eventually the Librarian was also punked. The Dread holding the Objective to the right survived long enough to effectively make me lose points. Had he not survived for as long as he did I would've won instead of a draw. But for the campaign the draw was good enough!

And thus here is the conclusion for week 6:

Week 7!

There's actually Extra Defences built in the middle by me, but turned out hard to see. That has been fixed for next weeks map.

Retribution from Chaos! Time to drop them back! Blod Angels wisely moves back to defend their HQ. Meanwhile Orks hungry for more blood attack the Sisters last HQ possibly eliminating them from the Campaign. The Eldar multiply their armies, and the Spaces Wolves decides to drop out unfortunately. 

But here's the Orks vs Sisters battle 2500p vs 2500p in pictures:

Looks like a solid defence!

These buggers actually have 2W each...

Saint Celisine comes out to defend the Adepta Sorortias in their time of need!

That's a lot of Dakka.

The Nobs eager for battle charge over everything.


After way too many turns in combat and a failed Hit&Run Saint Celistine was actually punked by the Power Klaw Nob with only a single wound remaining... no third coming for you!

I think this Rhino is used to having stuff on top of it by now...


The last valiant defence, great position to defend but the 2W Orks are too much and eventually turn out victorious with almost every Battle Sister dead. A notable exception being the Land Raider and one Immolator... both got stuck in the River at the same turn... sitting out the rest of the battle completely ignored by everything. 

So eventually the Orks took a pretty solid victory, and the after battle results shows the Ork victory was even more solid. They barely lost 500p, which is less than the previous battle where they started with a much greater advantage. Dice are funny sometimes.

So that leaves us with this map by the end of week 7! 

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