Aug 2, 2014

Map campaign

So a bit silent here lately... well, probably not going to change for a while. But I have been writing up some rules for a simple map-based campaign that I'm hoping to run by the end of the month or so. So I thought I'd share the first draft of the rules here, in case anyone is interested. Note, none of this is tested and it is just a first version... still some stuff in my head that's not put into words yet. But perhaps it'll inspire someone!


Start with a 1500p army chosen from a single faction, one HQ hex and three unoccupied hexes. Chose a Independent Character to be your Warlord, and chose a name.
Each unit is persistant during the campaign. If it dies, it's gone. You can of course recruit a new unit with the same configuration, but that will cost you credits. Characters have a progression system, so even if they "die" in a fight they might continue fighting (see later) and if they survive they might improve.
HQ's are always fortified (ie defended by a 1000p army, which you can use unless your army is present).

If all of your HQ's are captured you are defeated. The last player standing is the campaign winner.

Each Campaign round:
Earn credits for each hex that has been upgraded with harvesters/factories that you control. A hex with an HQ earns you a base of 250 credits per round instead of 0.

1. Move army
2. Buy units / upgrades
3. Fight

1. Move army

Each army can move 1 hex (unless special upgrades). Simply move to a adjacent hex. If this hex is uncontested you will now control this hex from the next campaign round.

2. Buy Units / Upgrades


If your army is located at your HQ spend amount of credits equal to points to recruit this unit into the army. If not at your HQ, spend +50 credits for each unit that you're reinforcing to have them added to your army from a distance.

Models can also be recruited into units, to increase unit size (this also includes Dedicated Transports). Follow the rules above, but instead spend +10 credits for each unit with models added if not at your HQ.

An army can never be larger than 2500 points.

You can also chose to spend your credits on a completely new army. It will cost 1000 credits and will consist of 1000p and it will start at one of your HQs. This army can then be added to in the normal way (above).
Note: Special Character (Named Characters) and Relics can only be taken ONCE. These are supposed to be unique, so if you have two or more armies they have to chose different Characters and Relics.

At this phase you can also chose to merge existing units that has survived earlier battles. If you have two units of the same kind, and at most one leader alive these two units may then merge into one single unit.


Dropships - Move up to 3 hexes one round (one use only, might be bought several times, army can not land directly on enemy HQ), cost: 500 credits
Minefield - If army is attacked, roll D6 for each enemy unit that is deployed. If a 6, unit takes D6 S6 AP4 with Armourbane hits - if a vehicle is hit it's against side armour, cost: 300 credits
Tactical retreat - If chosing to flee a battle, get a re-roll to see if a unit is lost or not (see 3.1), cost: 250 credits

Units (applies to whole unit)
Veteran skills:
Guerilla training - Infiltrate, cost: 100 credits
Marching Disciplin - Move Through Cover, cost: 50 credits
Iron Disciplin - +1 LD (max 10), cost: 100 credits
Cardio - Fleet, cost: 150 credits
Heavy weapons - Add one heavy/special weapon (can exceed normal allowance), cost: 50 + points cost credits
Medics - Get a +1 for all after combat casualties rolls (does not stack, see 3.2), cost: 150 credits
Special training - Boost any stat (can only be bought once for every unit, includes Champion Character), cost: 500 credits

Vehicles (applies to whole Squadron if available)
Extra Armour - Add +1 to AV on one facing (can be bought multiple times, max AV14), cost: 750 credits
Extra Hullpoint - Add +1 Hullpoint (can be bought multiple times, max 4 HP), cost: 500 credits
Self Repair System - Add +1 for after combat casualites rolls for this vehicle (does not stack, see 3.2), cost: 750 credits

All unit upgrades - (see above)
Change wargear - Change/replace any wargear, cost: point cost credits
Extra Special training - Boost any stat (can only be bought once for every character, can be combined with Special Training from the Unit upgrades), cost: 300 credits

Areas - To be able to upgrade an area you need to first control it
Fortify* - Gain 1000p army when defending unoccupied hex (only once for each area), cost: 500 credits
Harvesters - Increase income from this hex with +50 credits per campaign round (only once for each area), cost: 50 credits
Factories - Increase income from this hex with +50 credits per campaign round (only once for each area, can be combined with Harvesters), cost: 150 credits
Extra Defense* - HQ only - defend with a 1500p army instead of 1000p, cost: 400 credits
Superior Defense* - HQ only, requires Extra Defense first - defend with a 2000p army instead of 1500p, cost: 1000 credits
Forward barracks - Pay no extra when recruiting units while army is on this hex (as if it was an HQ), cost: 400 credits
Teleporters - Let army travel instantly between different HQ's that you control (buy once for all your available HQ present and future), cost 1000 credits

*Note: HQ's and upgrades to hexes that grants a defending army are chosen right before a battle where this hex is attacked. The defenders advantage is that they have been able to scout the enemy and thus been able to prepare for them. Note that any characters in an army chosen in this way can not get post-battle experience etc. No need to roll for casualities - this is all they have at this hex, if they lose the battle all troops are destroyed.

3. Fight

If your army lands on the same hex as an enemy army (or fortified hex) fight a normal battle (chose any mission).
If a fortification is the hex that is attacked and one (or more) defending army(ies) is in a position where it can defend play multiple battles, one against each defending army. The defender may chose to combine these armies into one army, but may not exceed the 2500p limit for a single battle. Any excessive points are lost (if one of these armies are from a hex upgrade such as an HQ then this is the army that loses points). If one player has two (or more) armies attacking the same army you can play two consecutive battles OR combine armies up to 2500p total - if your total is bigger than 2500p instead of losing the points you can chose units that won't participate in this battle, they will still be part of the original army and unharmed after the battle.

If your army lands on an adjacent hex to an enemy army, chose if you want to attack or not. Both players decide if they want to attack or not. If at least one player choses to attack fight a battle:
* If only one player chose to attack, the non-attacking player may respond by either accepting the attack or trying to evade the fight. To evade, roll a dice and on a 5-6 no battle is fought - both armies stay in place. Otherwise fight a battle, the attacker automatically has first turn for this fight.
* If both players chose to attack, fight a normal battle.

If three or more players end up in a scenario where they will fight, simply play a game including all players with the following additional rules:
* You can fire into close combat if your own army is not involved in the fight, resolve wounds normally.
* In close combat, you only fight back if you're getting hit this round, ie: Player A, B and C are locked in combat, but in such a way that Player A's models are only touching B's, B's are touching both A and C and C is only touching C. So in Player A's turn Player A and B fight normally, but not C. In Player B's turn all players fight. Etc.

Battle results
After a battle the victorious army will hold it's hex on the map. The losing army(ies) will move the minimum distance required towards their nearest HQ while still landing on a hex that is not controlled by the enemy or is adjacent to an enemy army. Ie the reteating army must stop on either a friendly hex or a neutral one. If it's a neutral one, this hex will be captured just as if the army had moved here voluntarily. If the defeated army is all ready standing on an HQ it doesn't move further. In the special case where the defending army is standing on top of it's own HQ and the attacking army has moved so that it's also standing on the same hex, the defending army is wiped out if it loses the battle. If two hexes both fulfil these requirements and are equidistant from the nearest HQ, the falling back player will decide which hex to land on. If the result of the battle is a draw, neither army moves but instead stays put where they are - except for the special case if one army is attacking an HQ in this case the attacker moves back as if it had lost.

3.1 Fleeing a battle
If, for any reason you can not play a scheduled game in this Campaign Round you may attempt to flee. Your army will then automatically move the minimum move required towards your closest HQ so that there is one empty hex between the attacking army and your army. Also roll a 1 for each unit in the army (but not characters), on a roll of 1 this unit is destroyed (either they got caught by the attacks or maybe they decided to desert).

3.2 Casualites

Keep track of each unit that is killed. If a whole unit is killed, roll a D6. On a 1-4 the entire unit is dead. On a 5-6 the unit is reduced to 50% of it's original size (rounding up).
If a unit is not compeltely wiped out, roll a D6. On a 1-2 the models that died stays dead. On a 3-6 the units regains full strength.
If a unit contains a medic (or equivalent) that is still alive by the end of the fight, gain a +1 to the above casualties rolls.
If (parts) of the Unit survives but the leader died, roll a D6. On a 1 the leader dies, and the unit will have to buy a new leader (if wanted). On a 2-6 the leader survives and is back for next fight.

If a vehicle is destroyed, roll a D6 after the battle. If it was only wrecked, a roll of 1-2 means it was not possible to salvage. But on a 3-6 the vehicle is repaired for the next battle. If the vehicle suffered a "Explodes"-result, this roll is modified to 1-4 is destroyed, 5-6 it's ready for next battle.
If your army contains a Techpriest, Mek, Warpsmith etc add +1 to this dice roll.

If a Character dies, roll a D6.
On a 1 the Character dies.
On a 2 the Character is injured and suffers -1W for the next battle.
On a 3-5 the Character is good to go for the next battle.
On a 6 the Character gains Feel no Pain(5+) for the next battle.

Special Characters:
A special note on Special Characters (ie those that are named in the Codex), if they roll a 1 on the above table they are gone from the campaign and CAN NOT be bought again. There's only one of them and thus they can not come back.

3.3 Character progression

Every Character (including unit leaders) that survive a battle might improve (this is decided AFTER casualites rolls has been made (see 3.2)). If the Character has a Special Rule that changes it's stats somehow this effect is permanent (Boons of Chaos, extra wounds for kills etc). Warlords also only roll once on the Warlord table, this result is then kept for the duration of the campaign. However, a Character that doesn't get any improvements for fighting challanges normally instead gains double XP for this challenge.
In addition to this every Character gains +1XP for each wound or hullpoint it causes. If it's human sized character and it's causing a wound on a monstrous creature, gain +2XP for each wound caused. If an attack causes Instant Death or a vehicle suffers the Explodes! result, the Character only gains +1XP no matter how many Wounds/Hullpoints were removed (it was easy for the Character after all!) - so take note of the order the damage is resolved in, if the first attack causes an explosion only one XP is gained even if the vehicle had 3HP left etc. Also, if a Character causes more damage than is available the Character only gains XP for those needed to actually kill the opponent, the overflow grants no XP (Causing 5 HP on a vehicle that only has 2 grants +2XP). Destroying buildigns gives no XP. If a Character dies in a battle, but survives the casualities table above, subtract 1XP for every wound suffered (from this battle only, so if a character earns 1XP in THIS battle but died suffering 2W only 1XP is lost - XP earned from previous battles are kept. In other words the minimum XP a surviving Character will earn for a battle is always 0). For every 5XP a Character gathers, roll a D6:

1-4: Improve any stat with +1 (max 10, except T that has a max of 6 for infantry sized characters)
5: Chose two stats and improve both with +1 (max 10, except T that has a max of 6 for infantry sized characters) (can't be the same stat twice)
6: Gain a Special Rule (from the BRB) of your chosing

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