Mar 27, 2013

Tournament Achivements

When you play a tournament not everyone can win. So, if you're having a friendly one going on why not add some achievements for everyone to go for even if they've lost enough games to be out of the top spots? Or hell, why not add a special price for anyone getting the most of the achievements on the list?
This is just my first draft of such a list, feel free to use it, add to it and what not! Also, I have a 3-game tournament in mind when writing these, so the numbers are made to fit that. And please share if you come up with some good challenges!

  1. For Honour! Defeat the enemy Warlord with your own Warlord in a Challenge.
  2. Oops, sorry guys! Scatter with a Blast weapon, so you destroy one of your own vehicles or an entire unit.
  3. Can't Touch Me! Win a round of melee combat with a lone survivor (Characters except for Unit Champions doesn't count) against many opponents.
    - Bonus point if you also slay them all with your Sweeping Advance.
  4. Outnumbered! Win a combat with one unit against three or more enemy units at once.
  5. Air Superiority! Shoot down every flier you face (including Flying Monstrous Creatures).
  6. Overkill! Charge four units at the same target.
    - Bonus point if you still fail to win combat.
  7. I'll Race You There! Go a full circle around the entire board with a unit or vehicle, ending the game in the same spot that you deployed it in.
    - Bonus point if your opponent tries the same in the same game, but you do it faster.
  8. Champion! Win 10 Challenges with the same Character throughout the entire tournament.
  9. Sunday Drivers! Tank Shock a unit so that it flees off the board.
  10. I Ain't Movin' For No One! Make a successful Death or Glory against an AV14 vehicle. 
  11. Lemmings! Climb up the highest terrain piece you can find on the board and then jump down from it. One point for every model that dies from the fall.
  12. Happy Campers! Move a unit into a piece of terrain with no objective in it, make them sit there the entire game without shooting or fighting any enemies.
    - Bonus point if you make a bonfire for them.
  13. New Guy On The Job... Have 3 Deep Strike Mishaps happen in the same game.
    - Bonus points for every Mishap that destroys the unit.
  14. Invincible! Have one unit that survives shooting from at least five different units in the same turn without taking any causalities.
    - Bonus points for every unit above five that shoots as well.
  15. Tank Hunter! Have the same unit, model or vehicle destroy 6 or more vehicles during the entire tournament.
  16. Psycho You Say? Roll Perils of the Warp twice in a row with the same Psyker.
    - Bonus point if it kills the Psyker.
  17. Godzilla! Wreck every building on every board you play on in the tournament.
    - Bonus point if it's actually a Monstrous Creature doing it.
  18. Tactical Movement Backwards. Flee with 3 or more units the same turn.
  19. Blitzkrieg! Have all of your vehicles (has to be three or more to count) in the opponents Deployment Zone by turn 2.
  20. We Found Us a Witch, May We Burn Her? Make three consecutive Deny the Witch-rolls.
  21. Kamikaze! If your flier gets shot down, and it Crash and Burn on top of an enemy killing it.
    - Bonus point if it's the same enemy that shot down the plane.
  22. Shaken, not Stirred! Tank Shock into an enemy, but explode yourself as a result.
  23. The Hills Have Eyes... Kill 5 Characters with Precision Shots in the whole tournament.
  24. Yatzy! Roll five ones with five dice in the same roll.
    - One point for every time it happens...
  25. It Still Only Counts As One! Kill a Monstrous Creature with a Pistol.

To be continued...

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