Nov 8, 2012

800p: Imperial Guard vs Black Legion

So, this was a bit of a unplanned game all in all. Basically my opponent has just started collecting an allied force of Imperial Guard and he wanted to try them out. But being in a bit of a rush he just grabbed what he had and made a list right before deployment. He thought it was around 500p, so that's what I made a list of but luckily I brought some more models because it turned out he could muster 800 points instead!

I didn't really know what he would bring, I knew he had some troops a Russ and a Valkyrie. So I thought to myself "I need something to bring down armour". Earlier in the day I had just started building and magnetising my Maulerfiend, and it's quite cheap so... Since in 6:th edition you pretty much have to go all or nothing when it comes to armour, so in went two Rhinos with Marines and I also wanted to try my Warpsmith. And that was my 500 points, then I suddenly got another 300 points to play with, so in went some Obliterators as well as a squad of Cultists and some extra upgrades!


Black Legion Chaos Space Marines
Warpsmith - Aura of Dark Glory, Mark of Nurgle, Gift of Mutation

5 Chaos Space Marines - Flamer and Aspiring Champion w. Melta bombs and Combi-melta
+Rhino - Combi-melta
5 Chaos Space Marines - Flamer and Aspiring Champion w. Melta bombs and Combi-melta
+Rhino - Combi-melta
20 Cultists - 2 Flamers

Heavy Support
Maulerfiend - Magma Cutters
2 Obliterators - Mark of Nurgle

Imperial Guard
Lord Commissar - Power Weapon

Platoon Command Squad - 2 Flamers, Standard
10 Infantry Squad - Melta bombs
10 Infantry Squad - Melta bombs
6 Special Weapons Team - 3 Plasma guns

Fast Attack
1 Armoured Sentinel - Autocannon

Heavy Support
Leman Russ - Battlecannon, 3 Heavy Bolters
Leman Russ - Battlecannon, 3 Heavy Bolters

<Yes, this list is illegal as it only has one Troop choice - first list and he messed up a bit! Ah well! No big deal though, as I guess you could count them as a Company Command Squad and Pennial Legions instead or something>


First off, since it was a small points game we only played on a 4'x4' board. We rolled for Mission and got Big Guns Never Tire, fitting since we both had 2 Heavy Supports, we rolled for a total of 5 objectives and deployment map was Vanguard Strike. IG won the roll off for sides and thus got to place three objectives, he also won the roll off to go first and decided to go first. We rolled for Warlord traits, he got that his Warlord was able to Outflank and I got Re-rolls on the Boons of Chaos-table.

The empty bases are the objectives. His Sentinel is Outflanking.

The deployment from another angle, his Lord Commissar is in the ruins on the upper side of the picture.
I used the Warpsmiths Shatter Defences on the only piece of terrain that I could, the ruins where his Lord Commissar was. Then I rolled for my Gift of Mutation, and got +1S on one ranged weapon. Since the Warpsmith is a ranged guy I decided to keep it, and I put it on the flamer with the thinking that now his flamer wounds on 2+ instead of 3+.
 I didn't manage to steal initiative, and there was also Night Fighting for turn 1.

Turn 1 - Imperial Guard

The army moved forwards pretty much. The Commissars unit revealed the objective which was nothing of note. The Leman Russes were the only things to fire. The first one fired at the Cultists, got a hit but thanks to Night Fighting and Ruins they got 2+ Cover so only one died. The other one aimed at the Maulerfiend, but it scattered off 8 inches... right on top of the Rhino! Of course it penetrated and blew it up. First Blood to the Guards!

Turn 1 - Black Legion

The Cultists moved closer into their ruin and revealed their objective, and I luckily rolled a +1 Cover save. Thank you! The Marines who were out of their Rhino stayed in their crater to get cover from further Battle Cannon shots. The Obliterators and the Rhino moved up on their side, and the Maulerfiend sprinted forward as well (this thing is fast!). The Rhino popped smoke.

The Obltiterators shot the Plasma Squad with their Assault Cannons and killed them all easily. The Marines in the crater actually managed to snipe two guardsmen as well. Then the Maulerfiend tried to assault the unit in front of it which was 8" away, but despite having Fleet and I rolled a 5 for one dice I still failed the charge...

After turn 1, Plasma squad gone, Rhino gone.

Turn 2 - Imperial Guard

The Sentinel didn't come in. The infantry kept coming forwards, thinking it's better to deny the charge by charging themselves instead.  One of the Leman Russes shot at the Obliterators, hit but the wound was saved. The other one tried to shoot the Rhino, direct hit... but despite rolling two dice choosing the highest... he rolled a double 1 so nothing. One squad of Guardsmen shot rapid Fire at the Obliterators which they just shrugged off.

Then the brave guardsmen decided to charge the Maulerfiend since they had melta bombs. One of them died at once, and then the melta bomb actually hit and did a penetrating hit... but the Daemon-save stopped it. The guardsmen lost by one, and promptly rolled double 6 for their Ld-test... but thanks to the banner being close enough they got a re-roll and passed with double 1 instead. Guess that banner was real inspiring!

Turn 2 - Black Legion

The Rhino moved up on one side of the squad being close by and the Obliterators on the other side. Planning a nice little BBQ. And the Marines in the crater now got out of it and ran for the objective in front of them.

The augmented flamer of the Warpsmith slaughtered the squad with a little bit of help from the normal flamer. Only one trooper survived. Granting me a roll on the Boons table! I first rolled a 1, but then got to use my Warlord trait and re-rolled it so I got +1T instead making him into T6! The Rhino picked off the last guardsman.

The Obliterators now had side-armour angle on the far away Leman Russ, so used their Lascannons. Got one penetrating hit and I rolled a 6 so it exploded. The explosion touching the Command Squad and killing the standard bearer.

The Marine-squad decided to run, and feeling daring I put one guy in the duck pond... of course it turned out to be a Iceblood! You could tell from the icy look of it after all. I also of course rolled a 1 for Dangerous Terrain (it always happens in this piece of terrain), but passed my armour save at least.

The Guardsmen and Maulerfiend was looking at each other for another round.

Turn 3 - Imperial Guard

The Sentinel came in where he wanted it, behind the Cultists. The surviving Leman Russ then tried to shoot the Obliterators, and actually caused a wound which I failed to save. But thanks to Mark of Nurgle there was no Instant Death.

The Sentinel killed one Cultist and then charged them missing all attacks. I had nothing to hit it back with, but decided that it was in a good spot so rather than fleeing I stayed in combat.

By now I remember that Daemon also gives Fear - so we tested for that and the Guards failed. Woo! This suddenly meant I got three hits and three dead Guardsmen. They ran, and was overrun as well.

Turn 3 - Black Legion

The Warpsmith and his squad jumped out of the Rhino next to the Leman Russ and the Obliterators moved up to the objective in their corner (since they where scoring thanks to the mission). The Marine in the Duck Pond decided he didn't like it there and moved out of it... of course I rolled another 1 on the Dangerous Terrain test! But yet again I passed my Armour save. The squad that had been riding in the Rhino moved up to grab the Objective around the corpse of the Commissar.

The Combi-Melta of the Champion missed, but at least the Warpsmith knew what he was doing. got a penetrating hit and rolled another 6. Poff! The Obliterators used their Assault Cannons on the Platoon Command Squad annihilating them but leaving the Lord Commissar alive thanks to his Refractor Field. The Rhino still had it's Combi-melta though, so lacking anything better to shoot I shot it at the Commissar and insta-killed him.

The Maulerfiend had also moved up behind the Sentinel (yes it's that fast!) and assaulted it. Only managing 1 glance on it's normal attacks, but then got the killing blow with the Magma Cutters.

With that the last Guardsmen were wiped off the board! I had 4 objectives, Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker as well as killing his two Heavy Support choices while he got First Blood. So Chaos victory with 16-1!

Lessons Learnt

Stay focussed. I messed up in the deployment, thinking beforehand that I would deploy one Rhino behind the Maulerfiend to grant cover with it's higher armour and Daemon save. Instead I deployed the Rhino on the far side of the deployment zone for some reason, and of course I paid for it as it was blown up in the first turn! Shameful! It was one out of my three losses in the game...

Other than that I also got it confirmed that the Maulerfiend is very easily tarpited by weak troops. Of course, I forgot Fear half the game so that helped the Guard stay longer, but had it been some other cheap unit that was Fearless or so it would've taken ages to get away from that mess!

The Warpsmith was a real blast to use though! He really caused some mayhem in this game. When you first look at him he looks kind of defensive, but with those guns he gets really offensive. I think he needs a ride to get around however! And then he can make sure the ride stays mobile so...!

I really had some luck where it mattered in this game. Like rolling +1 cover for the Cultists. When they get a 3+ cover save suddenly it feels wasted to shoot Battle Cannons at them, no? And then the Boons I got really benefited me as well. That combined with the IG being completely unable to hit anything in turn 2 was pretty devastating. And of course his list was just a make and go, see where it gets us as well! Running in the open with Guardsmen wasn't great though, as they have no 3+ armour to save them...


  1. ugh just pitiful for the guardsmen, to be expected of a new player though, sometimes they just dont realize how squishy guardsmen actually are.